The blog is on a small break. Short vacation to Mumbai which means no time to login & then 2 weeks official trip! Will try to be back fast , if not we meet in April. Hope you all come back:-)


  1. Minal says:

    @Starry : Waiting for your post;-)
    @Swapna: Thanks! Same here- nice meeting you! Sorry could not speak for long – hopefully we catch up for coffee/lunch/dinner next time I come!
    @Vineeta: I already have got a sore throat! But am enjoying;-)

  2. Vineeta says:

    Oh.. I just came back from mumbai, ahmedabad trip and nw u going 🙂 I ate soo much that nw I have a very bad sore throat 😀

    Chalo enjoy vacation time 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice to meet u gal, u looked gorgeous in saree! 🙂 enjoy ur vacation!

  4. starry eyed says:

    Enjoy the break! And a thanks to you for your 30th birthday post…gave me ideas…will link to that post when I blog about it!

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