I’ve been blank in my thoughts for the last 10 days. I open my windows live writer and decide today I shall try and blog, but nothing seems to come out. It’s not that the mind is blank – but I cannot seem to write anything down.

There is a lot happening in my offline world. Good and Bad. The good keeps me going – there is much to look forward to. A lot of bad is happening, has happened, and might continue to happen. People don’t seem to believe in Karma but I do. What goes around comes around.

The old me would’ve brooded and cried and got all negative. The present me will have none of that. It’s not worth it – to get upset over the bad part. Life’s so short we need to savour the good.

I’m human and yes there will be times when I’ll get upset, and feel life is unfair but am not going to carry that home. When at most times we choose our destiny there will be times when destiny chooses you. So this is a phase and it will be over.

I’ve seen worse things, so this is miniscule. I’m trying to be positive and maybe you might see less of me here but I’ll be back soon with the same fervour and zest that make up this blog.