How do we restore our faith back?

What part of your life do you treasure the most? Which friends make you comfortable the most? Who are the people after your parents you look up to most when you are growing up? Which are the days you wish would come back more often? For most of us the answers relate to a place… Continue reading »



Minu you are just like your dad – every time I hear that line, I beam with pride. I have been an out and out daddy’s girl. I’ve inherited his forthrightness, his in-your-face attitude, his loyalty, his faith, his discipline, his practicality, his meticulousness, his tidiness, his organization skills, his temper, and yes fortunately a… Continue reading »


Time Heals…

Not everything, everytime! There are moments in my life when I crave for his presence  – hoping he will come and guide me correctly. When he was around, I don’t remember being confused, lost or disoriented. That confidence, self-belief reduced with his absence and I doubt if it will ever return. And when people tell… Continue reading »



Is what made Arjun the greatest warrior of his times – not his supreme prowess for there were two more warriors greater than him in talent and in deeds. Eklavaya – Who learnt from the clay image of the Guru who refused to teach him archery skills; and the same guru who took his right… Continue reading »