Time Heals…

Not everything, everytime!

There are moments in my life when I crave for his presence  – hoping he will come and guide me correctly. When he was around, I don’t remember being confused, lost or disoriented. That confidence, self-belief reduced with his absence and I doubt if it will ever return.

And when people tell me that time helps one to get over everything – I retort in my mind – All that is crap – 13+ years and I still miss Papa every single moment of my life.

Time does not heal everything, everytime. No it does not!






  1. Vineeta

    I lost him 4 years back and there hasnt been a single day when I do not remember him.. I feel his presense, his care and many a times I notice things happening which only he could do. I do not think time heals…

  2. Weasley Speaks

    no wounds ever heal, no memories ever go away, we never move on afresh.. We merely mask the old.. That's what humans are good at.. We form layers of thghts, actions, new memories…
    I am sure he was an extraordinary person …and u make him proud every moment ..

  3. starry eyed

    I hate that saying…just meaningless words. How can you not miss a part of your life that's missing? Hugs.

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