Minu you are just like your dad – every time I hear that line, I beam with pride. I have been an out and out daddy’s girl. I’ve inherited his forthrightness, his in-your-face attitude, his loyalty, his faith, his discipline, his practicality, his meticulousness, his tidiness, his organization skills, his temper, and yes fortunately a part of his intelligence.

A brilliant writer with impeccable knowledge, if circumstances were in his favour he would’ve made a brilliant lawyer. A brilliant teacher , I don’t have the exact number of people he taught and trained to clear the promotion exams in Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The house would be full and he would be touring multiple BMC branches to coach the officers without charging a single penny. He believed money cannot compare to the joy one gets from imparting knowledge and seeing your students do well. Even after his retirement I rarely saw him free from work – his work was his passion, his life.

Always the one to help anyone and everyone who came to him, I don’t recollect anyone returning disappointed from our house. A strict disciplinarian and well respected in both families, always the one most sought after for guidance. A mentor, a guide, a loving family man.

The reason behind all the good I’ve achieved in life, the one responsible for my self-belief and confidence and my mumma’s lifeline. The one who built the bridges when mom and I had our numerous fights. The one who made me steaming hot dal-rice when I returned home from my 10th prelim exams. The only one who loved the tea I made ( I do not make tea very well:-()

The person behind my cricket craziness, who encouraged this stupid passion and hobby of mine. The one who got me addicted to the lovely game and watching matches live at stadium. The one who recorded all the cricket matches I missed due to school and college, so that I could watch every ball again. The one who built me a mini-library of books which hooked me onto reading. The one who made me independent and ready for survival in this world. The one to whom I rarely mentioned how much I loved and respected him.

His only flaw – to him his daughter seemed the most perfect person and there was none like her. I would be often embarrassed when he would go on praising me to family and friends but he was always the first one to keep me grounded to earth. All you need in life is balance – my papa taught me that!

I can write a million pages on him but will end this tribute with a poem I wrote for him 5 years ago on his birthday:

Your face lit up
The day you held her in your arms,
Years of waiting, years of prayers,
Had finally brought the smiles.

The man above chose a wonderful day,
To let her walk into your world of two,
The same auspicious day,
He had chosen to unite you two.

Home of two,
Now abode of three,
Two faces smiling and glee,
A little toddler binding thee.

Little lady growing into a brat,
She was your raja, beta and a champ at that,
Driving her mom crazy and mad,
You would convince her mom she wasn’t that bad.

You held her little hands,
Taught her to walk and run on the sands,
Sands of time they were to be,
She knew you would always be there to guide thee.

Every evening she would wait at the door,
For the bell to ring twice,
The unique bell to remind her,
You had come to make her day twice as nice.

Mom knew she was becoming you,
A little version she said,
How will she be without you,
She worried and said.

She would often ponder how you would react:
At her graduating into a young rebel lady,
At her independence in thoughts,
At her getting her first salary,
At her friends who were lovable brats,
At her choice to live away from home,
At her choice to marry the guy she loved,
At her constant arguing with mum,
At the values and principles she developed,
At her every little thing!

She still ponders over and over,
She tries to gauge your reactions,
From the 17 years you spent with her,
Would it be similar to what her mind mentions?

She questions and finds no answer,
Why did god love you so,
To keep you with him forever,
Why was he unfair to take you so.

She is treading carefully on the sands of time,
Looking up to find your assuring smile,
She reaches home and waits aside,
Hoping someday that the doorbell will ring twice!

It is 13+ years since you’ve gone and the void remains, time does not heal and I still miss you Papa every single day of my life.


This post is an entry to the BlogAdda contest – Tribute to Dad. Hoping the lucky ones pick up a great gift for their dads from and wishing all the wonderful fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!


Time Heals…


How do we restore our faith back?


  1. Vivek Rao

    lovely post minal…really really liked the poem…

    the thought which kept going around my mind while reading this was, i hope i mean this much to my daughter in the days to come…

  2. Minal

    @Bikramjit – Thank you
    @Angel – Then you understand what I go through! Thanks dear!
    @Rajlakshmi – Thank you! Sometimes I wish i had told him often how much I admire and respect him when he was around:-(

  3. Rajlakshmi

    this is such a beautifullll post… lovely tribute to your dad…

  4. Angel :)

    I lost my dad when I was 14, or 15 – for that matter, and I miss him. Well done on this post.

  5. Bikramjit

    I know what you feel and mean

    A good article followed by a beautiful poem loved it loads ..

    as my dad would say RAJE KEEP IT UP.. and WELL DONE

  6. Minal

    @Vineeta/Rohini: Thank u

  7. Rohini


  8. vineetasdiary

    Perfect Tribute.. I am sure he would have got tears if he read this post.

  9. Minal

    @Piper: I know what you say. The pain just stays on – we get on with our lives but at every moment there is always the feeling wish he were here:-(

    @Sagarika: Thansk babe – need them!

    @Weasley: Yeah I will with you around to take care of his beta even he is relxed up there.

    @Zainub: Thank you and nice of you to stop by!

  10. Zainab Urooj

    Lovely Post!!

    Your dad will be very proud 🙂

  11. Weasley Speaks

    You will always be his "rajaa beta"…
    stay smiling

  12. Sagarika

    {{{hugs}}} .. u know how I feel about this issue right??? and yes u r on the right track ;p

  13. Piper ..

    beautiful tribute! I lost my Dad last year and that is why perhaps I can feel your pain. All the best for the contest!

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