And how do we make a bday special…

In Dubai, I met my soul sisters – A and the 2Ds. We four are a riot together and I cannot imagine how I would’ve survived this place without them! From these 3 ladies, I’ve learnt a lot – strength, courage, compassion, loyalty and love!

It was A’s birthday today and we decided to surprise her in our own way. (We missed junior D  as she is away in India). Another friend M too joined in and we ensured A would not forget this one.

‘A’ loves food – non-veg, especially if it is a little spicy and oily. Though we are getting tremendously calorie conscious, we let go on occasions like these. I may not sound modest here but the fact is that 4 of us are very good cooks and have our own specialities.

Senior D & I met up at her house and cooked the following:

  • D’s speciality – mince kebabs,
  • I cooked my mum’s speciality – prawns green masala and beetroot cutlets
  • D & I came up with our spontaneous recipe for chicken curry – spicy and oily just as A loves it.

M managed to get the rotis and rice and we landed up at A’s place at 10.00 yesterday night – her hubby and daughter aware of our plans while she slept blissfully

She tried to convince us that she was aware of our surprise but we knew she was faking it. At the stroke of 12.00 her hubby landed with the cake, balloons and a lovely Longines watch, her daughter with a life-size greeting card and her expression was worth capturing and framing for a lifetime.

We all played our part, but as always the one who stole the show, was MDH with his awesome, spontaneous poetic skills. A lovely day began for A amidst her loved ones and the following poem summed up what she has meant to me , MDH and our entire gang in the years we have known her:

Maajhyaa baykochi ti maitrin aahe
Pan kharatar maagchyaa janmaachi bahin aahe


Thodishi impatient aahe
Pan energy cha atom bomb aahe

Minal and Ti bhetli ki gossipcha pur yeto
Majhyaa IQ madhey Achaanak mothaa jump hoto

Tine keleli Baangdaa curry and kori roti chicken khaun mi trupt hoto
Good manners mhanun ghari zaun dhekar deto

Kaahi vel tila job mule traas zhaalaa
Pan malaa tyaa kaalaat kharyaa maitricha aabhaas zhaalaa

Honesty and Integritycha ti ek zabardasta example aahe
Maajhyaa Mulaanaa mi tichi story nhemich saangnaar aahe

“P” aani tichaa jiv “N” madhye guntalelaa aahe
“N” pan talent cha ek solid package aahe

Tishichyaa var zari asla ticha vay
Panchvishitlyaa mulinaahi tichyaa beautycha prashna padtoy

Aaz hyaa special person laa vaadhdivsaachyaa shubhecha deuyaa
Tu ashich hasat rahaa ..we all love u..our dearest “A”

Wishing you a wonderful birthday girl and may you have millions more joyous one to celebrate.


The Impossible


The One Who Will

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  1. pagpri

    LOVED IT… Amit, u rock !

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