The cancer returns?

April 2000 was a black month in the history of cricket. The Hansie Cronje confession shook the foundation of the “gentleman’s game”. The spirit had been infected with greed. Few more names surfaced-Azhar, Jadeja, Salim Mallik, Gibbs, Boje. Pakistani cricketers of the likes of Wasim, Waqar, Inzamam, Anwar were warned. Life bans, endless investigations, court-room… Continue reading »


Random Cricket Conundrums – Answers Anyone?

Why are people trying to analyze the “Sehwag” phenomenon? I would advise them DON’T BOTHER! If he could be explained he would not be Sehwag. Why do television channels still have Charu Sharma and Manish Valicha as cricket anchors? Once you have convinced me on the above,  can you try the impossible ? Explain to… Continue reading »


You can change your name but we decide what to do with it!

So you change your name from the maiden name to the married name. You go ahead submit the necessary documents to the bank. You make a personal visit to the bank to verify everything so as to ensure there are no hiccups. But then you see that the name has been amended on the account… Continue reading »


Cursed ???

What if you realize you are cursed? That you get bored too soon with things on platter, that you find a challenge no longer challenging, that it gets difficult to motivate yourself, that you know where your passion and love lies but cannot quit to make it work, that at times you wished you were… Continue reading »


Rest in Peace Tejaswee

I didn’t know you until I had read this last week. I know little of your mum from her inspiring blogs. I prayed hard for you to get well. I checked today for the update on you and did not want to read this. I have seen death at close quarters – my father,grandparents,cousin, uncles.… Continue reading »


Have you ever wished that people…

Kept their egos aside and realised the value of relationships in life Stopped being two-faced and had the courage to show their true colours Appreciated intelligence and smartness over dumb ‘chamchas’ Had the courage to stand up for friendships over professional relationships Got over their silly insecurities which would cost their loved ones their most… Continue reading »


The Story of My 2 Daughters

I’ve never been a kids person that is MDH’s domain. I’m rather miserable at it honestly – I don’t know what to entertain them with after a point and how to take the conversation ahead. Blame it on the fact that I’m one of the youngest among all cousins; and was the kid in the… Continue reading »


Say a little prayer for you…

Over the last 3 weeks, we cricket geeks ( Definition: fans who love tests over ODIs and T20s) have been praying – silently ,vehemently and albeit very loudly that the boredom that had set in thanks to the first 2 tests between Ind-SL needed a miraculous recovery for us fans to retain our interest in… Continue reading »


Some random cricketing thoughts…

While reading the chapter on SL-Aus infamous series of 94-95 series in “The One Who Will”, my brain hit the F5 key to Ponting’s debut. He entered the scene 5 years after Sachin did and has managed to catch upto 90% of Sachin’s batting performance in tests. He leads him on the catches front by… Continue reading »


Where did the choreographer disappear?

You hear a song on the radio before the video release and form a picture in your mind. A sequence of steps, the aerial lifts, the attitude and the surroundings where the song takes place. It keeps playing in your head for plenty reasons – the melody, the novelty, catchy beats, funky mood, hip style!… Continue reading »

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