While reading the chapter on SL-Aus infamous series of 94-95 series in “The One Who Will”, my brain hit the F5 key to Ponting’s debut. He entered the scene 5 years after Sachin did and has managed to catch upto 90% of Sachin’s batting performance in tests. He leads him on the catches front by a decent number 65+.

I do hate the guy from the bottom of my heart but looking at the statistics and his batting over the years I can’t but admire his prowess. It’s not often you can compete with a current player who has had a 5 year head-start.

Until Nov 2008, Punter was a mere 2 centuries behind Sachin but since then Sachin has raced  ahead, increasing the difference to 9. I doubt Punter can make up that difference considering his form and the fact that if he loses the Ashes at home this year, he will most probably not make it to the test side again.

Inspite of the above and my hatred, I will continue to remain in a little awe of this man – for managing to almost catch up with GOD on-field.

Sehwag is the player in the current crop who might come close to these two; provided he lasts another 5-6 years and continues to play in the fashion he is playing today. By the very nature of his game, he looks good to make the most in tests than the shorter versions. The less we make a fuss about his careless attitude and not expect him to play the waiting game, the better it will be.

India finally managed to get SL all out this series. My belief that Bhajji has been an overrated bowler stands affirm.

There is nothing more exhilarating than watching Sehwag whack the ball out of the ground without moving his feet:-), there is nothing more  enticing than watching GOD play his trademark drives and flicks and there is nothing more heart-wrenching than watching Dravid get out LBW in 2 consecutive matches on tracks where he should’ve devoured the bowling:-(