Have you ever wished that people…

  • Kept their egos aside and realised the value of relationships in life
  • Stopped being two-faced and had the courage to show their true colours
  • Appreciated intelligence and smartness over dumb ‘chamchas’
  • Had the courage to stand up for friendships over professional relationships
  • Got over their silly insecurities which would cost their loved ones their most treasured relationships
  • Realised that covering up for others mistakes will only worsen matters and drive away the perfect workers
  • Realised that basic courtesies in life are important and matter in all relations – personal and professional
  • Bought themselves a better upbringing for theirs sure did not do a great job
  • Just grew up!


  1. starry eyed says:

    Yes, yes, oh yes. So relevant right now….perfectly expressed!

  2. Average Jane says:

    Every few days..

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