I didn’t know you until I had read this last week. I know little of your mum from her inspiring blogs. I prayed hard for you to get well. I checked today for the update on you and did not want to read this.

I have seen death at close quarters – my father,grandparents,cousin, uncles. I’ve seen my aunt lose her beloved son (at an age little older than yours Tejaswee). 19 is not an age to die , it is supposed to be an age where you start living. I’ve hated God many a times before, and when I read IHM’s post today – I landed up hating him again. Why does he do this – take a child away before the parents? There is no telling what the parents go through when they lose their beloved child. It takes immense strength to overcome that grief and void.

It’s not easy for the ones who stay behind, your mum has shown her strength – but even though you are far away you need to be with her and shower that radiant smile on her always from above.

May you shine forever in your new world. IHM I’ve no words – you are a fine woman from the little I’ve known you. You are strong and we are with you in this hour.

Tejaswee – rest in peace sweet child. Your blog leaves behind your legacy – the childlike exuberance and the ladylike maturity – a fine reflection of your mom. You will be in memory forever.