Cursed ???

What if you realize you are cursed?

That you get bored too soon with things on platter, that you find a challenge no longer challenging, that it gets difficult to motivate yourself, that you know where your passion and love lies but cannot quit to make it work, that at times you wished you were not the brightest kid in the class so that there were less expectations of you, that you had just followed your gut and taken the easy way out than lived 8 years of you life surrounded by those wizards of oz,that most times that “I don’t care” attitude you put up is quite a facade,that you had not inherited the temper that runs in the family,that you are not able to give up the rebellious streak knowing it does much harm than good, that you constantly question the norm when others would rather you quietly tread on it, that you feel so petty thinking all the above thoughts when there are millions more who can never have even 0.001% of the lovely life you have enjoyed till date, that you keep failing yourself by not finding the courage to face things when you see a million inspirational people before you,that all  that you do these days is be confused and write a blog post sounding as incoherent as it could be!


Rest in Peace Tejaswee


You can change your name but we decide what to do with it!


  1. Minal

    @aditi: absolutely mid-life crisis

  2. Aditi

    "…that all that you do these days is be confused" exactly describes my state of mind. kya kare Minal.. how do we get out? u r posting it out, i scribe it in diary. may be it feels lighter then. mid life crisis, umm?

  3. Minal

    @Radhika: true what you say-there have beena few regrets in life so just being cautious before I take the plunge:-) Someday I will break-out as you put it perfectly I'll be dead:-))

  4. Radiance

    I can relate to a few of the things you have said here. And I guess I have taken more than one decisions (especially in last few years) that not many would and followed my dream when I have felt like. Or in some situations got myself out of it when I realised the dream was turning into a nightmare. Sometimes these days when I look back I do feel whether it might have been easier to just follow the norms and lead a "settled" life. But then again something (or someone) inside me tells me that the real me would have just suffocated and died in that case. And I do not think anything or anyone is worth sacrificing your identity for.

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