You can change your name but we decide what to do with it!

So you change your name from the maiden name to the married name. You go ahead submit the necessary documents to the bank. You make a personal visit to the bank to verify everything so as to ensure there are no hiccups.

But then you see that the name has been amended on the account but not on the e-statement of the current account. The name has been amended on the credit card statement but not on the credit card itself.

So knowing things take time and maybe system updates could be the reason, you wait to see the changes. A month, two and more pass by, but nothing changes.

You pick up the phone and call the call-centre expecting a quick-fix but all that you get to hear is: “Madam you need to visit the branch personally with all your documents”. So much for phone and internet banking and efficient systems! Systems which show the name on account has changed but refuse to get it amended on the statement cause there is a separate team who handles the statements.

So the sarcastic devil within is dying to get out but you are aware these calls are recorded and put up a polite front.

And as if this misery was not enough, when the credit card is up for renewal and it is delivered to you a month and half in advance – you get it with your old name on it.

So knowing well the futility of the whole exercise, you get yourself to dial the call-centre for help. You check with them as to why was your name not updated on the card when it was done on the statement.

And you get a reply: Madam we decide what name to fit in cause your new name is too long!!



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  1. Minal

    @Starry:Yeahi envy men on this front!!But I have to keep both sides happy-so tried the balancing act:-)
    @Archana: u r lucky u know!!

  2. Archana Rao

    heheheh quite a situation i must say! i consider myself super lucky to have the same maiden and married surname! Thank god!!

    but i wonder sometimes if i had a diff surname wud i hav ever changed it? or had 2 surnames? would i have bothered so much?

    would men do the same? if not then why should i do it?

  3. starry eyed

    Bah! Why don't men have to go thru' this?

  4. pagpri

    hahah ! My name is Priya Lalit Chiplonkar… I am sure thats now fitting into the card either… 😛

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