Let go you curious cats…

Has anyone of you had “friendship”break-ups?

Friends who became close in a short span of time, friends who pledged loyalty and faith for a lifetime; and when the testing times came showed clearly where their priorities lied.

Their choices made you sick to the stomach.

The friend in college who went behind your back just to become the popular one.

The friend who professed never-ending loyalty just to hurt you in a second

The husband’s bachelor friend who failed to stand up to his moody wife, easily forgetting the times you were his family when he was in this city leading a lonely life.

And finally the friend at your workplace who was your closest confidant, chose diplomacy and power hungry colleagues, refusing to support your stance.

I have let go – I hurt, I sulked and I wondered what I did wrong. Fact was I did not – this is how I’ve been all my life – no two faces from me. Frank and forthright is me.

I try not to hurt , and when I realise I do, I’m not afraid to say sorry. Friendships are not worth giving up over silly issues, egos and arguments. And if you chose not to understand me and the value of my friendhip, I decided to let you go. So be happy in the life you chose and let me go.

Stop being curious of what I’m upto in life, where I’m based,whether I’m doing well in my career or not, whether I’m married or single, whether I’ve kids, where I’m taking my vacation, what am I thinking and what I’m writing

You lost your chance to make up and be my friend again;had you realized your follies I would’ve forgotten and welcomed you with open arms back in my life. My friends have meant the world to me and I hate losing any – so you know you were not worth it when I’ve chosen to let go of you.

Now grow up and let go of me – you curious cats!

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  1. starry eyed says:

    Yes, I've had all the kinds of friends you mentioned. And I let them go…because they don't fit into my definition of friendship (which I've broadened and modified as much as I can over the years). Am on acquaintance terms with some, because they really don't know any better, but I will never trust them again. Nor satisfy their curiosity!

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