Swiss Chronicles – Rhine Falls

I’m petrified of water. I find it beautiful from afar. I never learnt to swim owing to this fear. I’ve still though managed to visit sea-shores, waterfalls and even go on creek cruises. I had no idea though of MDH’s way of helping me to get over my fear was to take me on a trip to the Rhine Falls.


It was not enough to see it from afar, we took a boat ride across the Rhine river and then to the rock above. We then climbed up the steep rock and were in the middle of no-where! The water sounds hitting our ears, the moistness all over. Nature has so many wonders to offer – it never ceases to amaze us! This was only the beginning of the wonders we were to experience on our “long” trip in this magical land.

I could not help but think of our very own Bhandardara Falls in Nashik. Yeah, so maybe we don’t get to go right in the middle of the falls as we got to at the Rhine but the scenic beauty remains almost the same!

Some snaps and video of the amazing falls and the rock bang in the middle of no-where!

DSC01926 DSC01927 DSC01932 DSC01933 DSC01935 DSC01950 DSC01954 DSC01957

Hear the water gush down the rocks as we take the boat ride towards the giant rock!

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  1. Mary

    Oh my goodness! Minal you are so brave!! I can swim very well and would be way too scared to take a boat ride near a waterfall.

    The pics are really beautiful! 🙂

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