A New Abode

Time to begin something new. From the rented home to self-owned.

Lots of posts held up as I was doing up this new place or rather this awesome gal who helped me decorate it! Suja what would I’ve done without you!

This is my space – my crazy world. Welcome.


Swiss Chronicles –Zermatt Matterhorn


The True Hero of the CWG Games


  1. @Vishvanath: Thank you:-)) Welcome!!

  2. Vishwanath Nayak

    Congrats… on your new home (or e-home should I say)…

  3. @vivek: Yes finally!!!:-) Design is thanks to my genius school friend – turned it around in 10 days!

    @Maneesh: Thank you – and yes should be more frequent 🙂 Now that I paid for it:-))

  4. This new site is really cool. Congratulations to you and happy blogging!

  5. Vivek Rao

    hey minal, i love this site! finally, eh? pretty cool yaar! really liked the design.

  6. @Sujatha: Thank you! You are one of my first blogging friends – when I started out in 2005! Always will be special and you get a special mention on this site:-) check out the “Moi, Calvin and GrangerGab Page”

    @Aditi: Thanks dear:-))) I know the site will enjoy good traffic with friends like you around:-)

  7. Aditi

    this is super cool.. loved it!!
    many congrats to you.
    and let me add it in my favorites right away 🙂

  8. The site looks great! Here’s to a fantastic new beginning!

  9. @My soul sister: What a lovely way you have with words!!!:-))Thanks babes!!

  10. Tinka tinka Jor ke aaj bana hai aashiyan tera … Bas hasi ki el sadabahar mohar laga de to yeh ghar jaisa lage 🙂 … Hugs proud of you 😀

  11. @Sango: Thanks hun!

  12. @Archana: Thanks!!! She has been a rockstar since our schooldays! Allrounder and super efficient! Yup she did her commercial arts from Sophia! 🙂

  13. Sango

    Well done babes…. LET THE WRITING BEGIN… 😉

  14. Archana

    Super cooool!!!!!!!!! Love the look and feel!!!


    I just have to say this… Your friend who designed the website is in Advertising no???? Or Design ???? Cant be any other profession 🙂

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