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I have often mentioned on this blog that I love cooking but hate spending too much time in the kitchen. This was ingrained in me since childhood as I observed my mother – a working woman and a fantastic cook. So through this space  will share some quick fix recipes for snacks and main course.


We all rave about everything homemade – spend time and effort in getting things right when some of them might be readily available in the market and could save you truckloads of time in the kitchen. My mother is not too fond of food items in stores but she is also a practical woman. She does not shy away from trying the new instant world that is hitting our generation. If the items available are of good quality from reliable source and could save her time in the kitchen, she will definitely give it a shot. The two things she has got used to is readymade Idli-Dosa Dough and Thalipith Bhajni. I share her quick recipe for thalipith.


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Ask any Maharastrian about thalipit and I guarantee that their mouth will water at the mere mention of that word. Not only is it a tasty dish but it is an extremely healthy one too. The Bhajni or flour is a mixture of different flours-  rice, wheat,bajra,besan and ground pulses.

This fine mixture is readily available in stores and I suggest you pick yours from Sarvodaya stores on Ranade Road in Dadar,Mumbai. I carry 6-7 250 gm packets on my bi-annual trips from India that suffice me for 3-4 months till then next lot arrives. So here goes the recipe for this awesome quick snack – serves as tea-time snack or a nice healthy breakfast.


Talipith Bhajni -  250 gms
Green chillies  – 3-4
Onion – 1 medium size
Salt – To taste
Red chilly powder – 1 tea spoon
Coriander leaves – 10-12 stalks
Turmeric – ½ tea spoon

If you wish to make it more healthy – you can add methi/palak/carrot shredded/cabbage shredded etc



Add the following ingredients to the Bhajni- Green chillies finely chopped, Turmeric powder, Onion finely chopped, Salt, Red Chilly powder, Coriander leaves finely chopped.
Add water to the mixture and knead the dough like chapatti – but keep the mixture moist.
Take a pan – apply drop of oil and pat the ball of the mixture flat with your palm- giving round shape like a roti. Pour little oil from the sides, keep it on medium flame and let it cook till it becomes light brown – then flip the side and cook it for 3-4 mins till the other side  turns light brown. To make the second one – take the pan and turn it reverse and hold the bottom of the pan under cold water. The pan will cool down immediately and you can repeat the above process again. Add ghee/ butter on the Thalipith and serve with curd.


My mom makes the pancake on a piece of muslin cloth and slides it delicately onto the pan – I could never manage that – hence figured out the above way thanks to a friend. Those who are artistically challenged as I’m can go my way; the rest are welcome to use my mom’s method.




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  1. Ashutosh Garud

    Thalipith is easily one of my favorites. The best part is that it has huge nutritional value with all the mixtures to make bhajani. And I am blessed to have brilliant Thalitpith makers in my mom and wife.

    Thalipith rocks.

  2. @Gypsy: Glad you liked it! will be posting lots more:-)

  3. gypsy

    i made this for breakfast today!!! 🙂 my all time favourite! n my 10 month old son loves it too!! 🙂 keep sharing!

  4. @Bhakti: Anytime! I too was the same – shooting orders to mumma:-) Now I make most of the items at home:- ) Will Keep sharing! Let me know how it turns out:-)

  5. Bhakti Ghatkar

    minal tai…Nice!!!! vl try it!!!! And as u rightly said any maharashtrian’s mouth vl start watering at the mere mentioning Thalipith and I m no exception to it…… b4 marriage I was never bothered abt making it…use to jst order my mum to make it and she is too serve it garma garam….yummmmmmmmmmmmy…..Since last few days it ws on my mind to call up mom and ask her hw she makes it and here you are giving me a very well written recipe…. 🙂 Thank you for that!!! and yes thanks for mentioning from where to get Talipith Bhajni..makes my job more easy….. 🙂

  6. @Aditi: Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it next time!

  7. Aditi

    good one 🙂 ssuurrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppp!!!
    btw add Ova to it (ajwain) if u like. it gives the dish a very good flavor plus it is good for digestion as well..

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