Cricket Podcasts with Ayaz Memon

Read about it here. Listen to the first podcast in the series here Continue to follow my cricket colla-blog ‘The Corridor of Certainty’. Follow us on twitter @TheCofC and on our Facebook Page for more updates.


This Day…

This day reminds us that some wounds will never heal, justice will continue to be denied and we will be forced to our routine lives and be nonchalant towards that night’s happenings. Unfortunately the memories still continue to haunt. To all those brave martyrs – a big salute. A reminder to be thankful for our… Continue reading »


Women at TOP

Most of my online reading is via blogs on my Google Reader. I rarely visit websites especially news websites. I know I must do it but the reading list is so exhaustive that I don’t find the time. To me interesting links and articles are shared on blogs and twitter so my Google Reader and… Continue reading »


The latest on “The Corridor of Certainty”

Hey folks I hope you have visited my new colla-blog / site on cricket by now, if not rush over quick to the “The Corridor of Certainty” We have just got started – here are a couple of posts up on the site. Do read and let us know. In the “We Miss” section –… Continue reading »


The Cricket Stops Here…

I’ve written on my first love on this blog since I first started blogging in 2005. Well that has got to stop now …. I’m not ending my cricket writing , in fact I’m hoping that you all will be entertained with even more variety and some of the best write-ups on the game. My… Continue reading »


Count my blessings

I get up late on a lazy Friday morning ( It’s weekend time in the Desertland) and find that there is nothing but Maggi I can make for breakfast, the ready masala which comes along with Maggi has gone missing, I’ve added extra water to cook the noodles and spice up a masala of my… Continue reading »


Little things you do…

I chanced upon  the Vodafone Delights adverts on television and fell in love with them. They brought back so many memories of the best days of my life – my school days and my crazy gang. They say the friends that last the longest are the ones from school – Who have seen you at… Continue reading »


Stamping His Presence in the Music World: Shikka – Jaydeepcha

MDH and I got to know Jaydeep in 2007 at a get-together held at at a common acquaintence’s place. Jaydeep mesmerized everyone with his singing and hit it off with MDH who got involved with his impromptu compering . Over the next few months we lost touch but reconnected again at a classical event. We… Continue reading »


You know you can be lucky but….

I’m one of those people who falls in the “never will win any freebies ever” category. When FM first hit Mumbai and held contests to meet Bollywood stars or cricketing sportstars or any damn freebie – I never won! I knew the answers but my sms never won me anything ever! Hell I never even… Continue reading »