Stamping His Presence in the Music World: Shikka – Jaydeepcha

MDH and I got to know Jaydeep in 2007 at a get-together held at at a common acquaintence’s place. Jaydeep mesmerized everyone with his singing and hit it off with MDH who got involved with his impromptu compering . Over the next few months we lost touch but reconnected again at a classical event. We kept in touch and Jaydeep & MDH got-together to stage a few musical shows in Dubai.

Listening to Jaydeep sing so often got MDH and me wondering,  why was the guy not trying his luck in Mumbai in the Marathi/Hindi music industry. He had been a winner at different contest such as Middle East Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Zee TV Antakshari and Radio Star for 89.1FM. Finally in April 2009, he got a chance to sing along with Vaishali Samant in her Dubai show. She invited him to join her at her show in Kolhapur in Jun2009.

There was no looking back for him and after much persuasion from our friend circle here in Dubai and Vaishali’s guidance; Jaydeep left Dubai in Sep2009 to commence his musical journey. In the last one year he has performed in 35 shows with Vaishali Samant. The shows included – an IPL show in Nagpur, Star Majha Awards and shows with Marathi industry’s leading singers Avdhoot Gupte and Swapnil Bandodkar. Jaydeep has gone on to sing title tracks for Marathi serials and even for Marathi films.

However he continued to work on his dream, that of getting his own music album which would be the stepping stone for him to make his mark in the Marathi and Hindi music industry. MDH and I witnessed his first baby steps towards his dream here in Dubai. His first music album “Shikka” was launched in Dubai on 15Oct,2010. Jaydeep performed on all the songs from his album in front of his favourite Dubai audience.

The album has 8 songs all of different genres, this is a rarity in a debut album. The music director is Nilesh Moharir – one of the upcoming talented music directors in the Marathi Industry. As I review each song, I’ve also added a small 45Sec clipping of each song for you folks to listen to. I do believe that after listening to these short clippings you will go ahead and buy this album.

1. Manatlya Manatale  (Audio Clip: 01 Manatalya manatle 2)

A romantic song is the probably the safest bet for a debutant and Jaydeep sails through in this number. The lyrics are by Mandar Cholkar and the song describes the anxiety of a young man in love and his eagerness to confess his love to his beloved, in the hope that she already knows what is going on in his mind. Mandar weaves a nice mix of Hindi and Marathi words , Nilesh gives a very youthful feel to the song and Jaydeep translates the efforts of these two in ways he know best – maintaining the exuberant mood throughout the entire song.

2. Ganapati Gunapati (Audio Clipping:02 Ganapati Gunapati 2)

If I don’t hear this song playing at every Ganeshotsav Mandal in Mumbai next year, I’ll be damned. Ashwini Shende (3 time award winner in the best lyricist category at Zee Marathi Awards) has penned down a number that voices the feeling of every youth towards their favourite God “Lord Ganesha”. For most of us Lord Ganesh has been our friend and confidant – we tell him our deepest fears, seek his blessing when we begin anything new, he adorns our home, car, office desk and books, and he is the one who forgives all our mistakes.

The first two lines say it all:

“Manatale majhya sare tula sangto, (I tell you everything that is on my mind)

Charachara madhye deva tula pahto, (I see you Lord in every nook and corner)

Gaurichya nandana an Shankarachya bala, (The little child of Gauri and Shankar)

Bappa mala lagla re tujha ha lala” (Lord Ganapati  I’ve grown so fond of you)

He is our favourite among all Gods and Jaydeep potrays these feelings to perfection in this loving rendition of worship to Lord Ganapati.

3. Chal Go Paru (Audio Clipping:03 Chal go paru 1)

The person who recognized Jaydeep’s talent and the one we all are most thankful to for helping him believe in his dream – Vaishal Samant; renders her voice to this slow Marathi folk song we all know as “Koli Geet”. A soft romantic teasing number, that I’m sure you all would love to listen to when you take off on your long drives.

4. Kanha Lai Shaana – Gavlan (Audio Clipping:04 Kanha lai shana 2)

I’m an absolute sucker for traditional folk songs – the ones that hail from the villages in India. The ones that are most famous are Lavani and Koli Geet, but we must thank the Shikka Team for introducing us to another type which is known as “Gavlan”. Gavlan narrates tales of Krishna and his Gopis, his pranks and his love tales. “Kanhaa Lai Shaana” is the surprise packet of this album; you don’t expect a traditional folklore after having listened to a romantic number, a Ganesha number and a Koli geet.

The song has been blessed with some of the Marathi industry’s famous artists playing the Dholki(Krishna Musale), the Flute(Sudhir Khandekar), the Harmonium(Satyajit Prabhu) and Shashank Joshi providing a fine example of percussion with a multitude of instruments. Nilesh Moharir gives a glimpse of the talent he possess, composing a tough tune and yet remaining faithful to tradition. Renowned poet Vaibhav Joshi creates an engaging Kanha’s tale and Jaydeep shows his versatility in singing what is probably the toughest bit in the album. No guesses for which is my favourite song of the album.

5. Ek Saanj Dokavte (Audio Clipping: 05 Ek Sanj 1)

Life is a struggle for most of us, very very few have it easy. I’ve always felt that we must not have it easy for then we will forget to appreciate those small but important moments that make our life worthwhile, give a meaning to our struggle, and form our rays of hope. Jaydeep sings the tale of his struggle and hope to achieve his dreams – a tale coined wonderfully by Vaibhav Joshi.

6. Ye Paas Ye (Audio Clipping: 06 Ye na jara 2)

Yearning to dance, tune in to this Saalsa number “Ye Paas Ye”; I can’t recollect any Marathi music director mixing the western beats to Marathi lyrics to deliver a melodious, hummable number! This for me is the underdog in the album. This is just a sample of what Nilesh has hidden in his vast repertoire of tunes. It’s fresh, it’s simple and it is absolutely delightful to your ears. If this number won’t bring that mischievous smile to your face tell me what will?

7. Shikka (Audio Clipping: 07 Shikka 1)

The title track of the album – when most debutants will play it safe by choosing romantic themes for their album, Jaydeep has chosen to not only to experiment in different genres but also taken the biggest risk by voicing a message to the youth of today in his title track. The song begins with a rap saying “Free your mind” and stresses on the importance of voting by youth. We refrain from voting, we have resigned to the fact that this country will not change, and continue to underestimate the power that rests in our index finger.

The lyricist Mandar Cholkar has done a good job in getting the message across and Jaydeep’s voice ought to be heard at all political rallies to drive the youth to come out and vote. We need to stamp our presence – we need to put our “Shikka” – Shikka Abhimanacha (Stamp our pride) ,Shikka Sanmanacha ( Stamp our self-respect), Shikka Vishvacha ( Stamp our faith), Shikka Nishwasacha ( Stamp our relief)

8. Tadipaar (Audio Clipping:08 Tadipaar 2)

The song depicts Jaydeep’s determination to pursue his dreams despite all the hurdles. The Hindi track in the Marathi album. Probably not in the same league as most tracks in the album, but still a good first time effort from all – Ashwini, Nilesh and Jaydeep in their attempt at a Hindi song.

I’m not raving about the album cause Jaydeep is a very dear friend to MDH and me, but cause he is a talented singer and deserves every bit of praise for his effort and the hard work that he has put in. It is indeed difficult to make out that this is a debut album and that he is a newbie in this industry. The team effort has resulted in a fine end product and I ask all of you to not only spread the word but go ahead and buy his album, and encourage upcoming talented singers like him. The industry needs it – we the audience needs it! So go be selfish, want good music like the one in this album, encourage the team – Jaydeep, Nilesh, Ashwini, Mandar and Vaibhav. Go rush and buy his CD – Shikka.

If you enjoyed reading my post and want to track Jaydeep’s progress – join his facebook page “Shikka”.


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  1. It has been a wonderful experience seeing his journey. The songs are complete in all respects – variety in mood, diversity in music, excellent lyrics and compositions….

  2. manndar cholkar

    hey minal…..very nice

    javal javal akhhya album cha pravas ghadvun aanlat.

    gr8 job !!!

    • Mandar thanks for the comment! You all have done a great job and deserves all the accolades. We are just doing our little bit!

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