Little things you do…

I chanced upon  the Vodafone Delights adverts on television and fell in love with them. They brought back so many memories of the best days of my life – my school days and my crazy gang.

They say the friends that last the longest are the ones from school –

Who have seen you at your best and at your worst

Who have laughed out loud with you and held you close when you could not stop sobbing

Who have pulled your leg, but cheered you up when you were nervous and scared

Who have been around for so long with you that you don’t know how to pretend in front of them

Who have not been regularly in touch but are the ones you can connect at any point in time

Who still remember the minutest details about you such as the brand of the pen you used, the house you belonged to in school, the crazy times spent at attempting to cook, and your first crushes!

With whom you can fight and argue and still get back to being the best of friends once it is all over

Who have been closer to you, at times more than your family

Who make you feel blessed!

Seeing them refreshes all those memories of decades ago and brings back the much needed smile. Thank god for technology – Email, Facebook and Skype – all helping you to get back in touch with them after decades, keeping in touch with most on regular basis and reliving all those memories whenever you meet up!

Thank GOD for blessing me with these great set of girls ! To all my school friends – these advertisements dedicated to all of you.

But the one titled “ Annual Day” goes especially to my bestest friend ever – my Rock of Gibraltar – the one who has been my friend for so long I cannot recollect the day we met! We were 3 and we met up everyday of the week, month and year till she moved to the US of A to pursue her studies! My stupid, intelligent, witty, beautiful, charming “Doctor” friend!

Here’s what the jingle says and it is so damn true:

The little things you do for me and nobody else, make me feel good.
Little things you do for me, making me smile, when no one else could,
That’s why – I like to sit next to you
And hear your mad stories, I know they are not true,
And I like that we share a secret or two, together!
The little things you do for me…

So tell me what are your memories of your school friends?


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Count my blessings


  1. I absolutely agree minal, school friendships are the best as they are the most innocent. Its really worth putting in all the efforts required to keep those friendships fresh and alive….even though it sometimes feels like u wanna let go.

    • @Vivek: my experience with school friendships has been wonderful most times:) fortunately most have lasted! All the messed up ones were post school:)))

  2. guess who

    so here goes one of my ‘little things you do..’
    as a new girl in school and bewildered and insecure – i can never forget that you came over and started chatting with me in such a friendly way, showing empathy and understanding when you didn’t need to and it made such a big difference to my first few days there!
    i can never forget that – it made me feel normal and restored my confidence.
    it was the smallest thing you did that made such a big difference to me.
    did i ever tell you this?
    even if i did – its worth mentioning again and again.
    For that – you will always be my hero!

    • Pranju absolutely touched!!! Maybe I don’t express often but I may have made a lot if close friends over the years post school but u gals will remain special always:)
      And I dunno why but you came across so easy going and someone whom I could connect with at thst time. Over the years despite the infrequency of communication we still manage to take off from where we last left:)))
      That’s the beauty of school friends :)))

  3. wow! new blog! 😀 😀 I’ll update my blog list.

  4. priya rao

    I know.. this ad is so true..

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