Most of my online reading is via blogs on my Google Reader. I rarely visit websites especially news websites. I know I must do it but the reading list is so exhaustive that I don’t find the time. To me interesting links and articles are shared on blogs and twitter so my Google Reader and Twitter lists are my preferred sources.

As I was clearing up my reader list I came across this article and I had to share it – on my twitter and my blog.

I’m a part of the corporate world and I know how tough it is for women to make it to the top without being scrutinized and gossiped about. My career is still taking shape and by God’s grace; despite a couple of hiccups and lows, is on track – pretty much what I expected it to be at when I would hit 30. I do get pretty awed by the success of 20+ somethings cause they have been minting billions at an age when I earned my first thousands:-) So for these GenX successes a big respect.

These days people taste success too soon with minimal effort, but when I come across articles like the one above, it makes me realize that to enjoy the real taste of success you have to have your share of hardships and failures and you need not start young.

Read their stories – some lost parents and spouses at young age, started with clerical jobs , fought for their education rights and against cultural taboos, some went to the best institutes in the world but did extra-day jobs to fund themselves while studying, you will learn from each of them. Most had a family member that they looked upto and was their guiding force. They have not forgotten their roots and most have taken up initiatives to give back to society. They all had foresights and dreamt big, thought different, challenged the system, had long term visions and worked towards their goal. And while achieving all this success, they managed to balance it out – be a mum, be a wife, be a daughter, be a sister.

To the Top 50 Alpha Women in the Corporate World take a bow, a special one to the 6 Indian ladies who made it to the list and and a bigger one to my favourite Indra Nooyi who heads the list.

When you read their stories, the corporate world does not seem that big a villain in your lifeSmile