Another year…

As another year goes by , you may want to look back and recollect  –

The good, the bad and the ugly,

The people who stood by you and the people who hurt you,

The changes life went through and the challenges that lie ahead,

The little angels to whom you are their favourite uncle & your favourite nephews who were taken away from you cause a few adult egos were hurt,

The relationships that grew stronger and the relationships that fell apart,

The friends who grew closer and the new ones who added joy,

The best friends who moved to different lands but don’t let a day go by without missing you,

The happiness you brought people and the sadness some caused you,

That every year brings a basket full of blessings and a pocket full of miseries,

That you need to remind yourself of only the pleasant experiences.

As we grow older & mature  a lot of things change but some remain unchanged and constant – 

The love of your mother, the pride of your father, the naughtiness of your little sister,

The warmth of your mother-in-law, the smile on the faces of your nieces,

The bliss of a loving family and the peace of nurtured friendships,

And more than anything else – the wife who drives you mad every day, every moment but can’t stop loving you for every single moment of her life…..

So as another year passes by and a new one dawns – we all get together to wish you like we do every year – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING – may all your wishes come true on this day and in the year to follow and only happiness and love surround you forever!



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  1. Amit

    Thanks dear wifey… u make these days special just by
    being with me..

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