Have been less frequent on the blog owing to concentrating on getting this blog up.

I’m back to do a quick recap as it is that time of the year when you get nostalgic. It was a much better year professionally and personally than last year and my best moments of the year were:

Undoubtedly MDH’s biggest surprise on my birthday

The arrival of my little princess Ira – my sister’s little angel.

The amazing self-planned Swiss-Austria Trip. I fell in love with Europe – especially Salzburg (And that reminds me; my Austria chronicles are still pending)

My kid brother’s wedding where we 8 cousins got together after ages.

The podcasts with Ayaz Memon – to be able to get back to blogging on cricket and to get this opportunity was a great feeling. The podcasts will continue into the World Cup.

And finally, the much awaited shift at my workplace – looking forward to the new role in the coming year.

New Year Resolutions:

I’ve been hopeless in my reading habit for the last few years – so it’s time to cut down on the online addiction and get back to all the pending books on my shelf

Learn new cuisines – maybe take up cooking courses or classes – craving to learn more about my new love

To  the one thing I’ve lost over the years – my love for research – I need to get back to it.

Find time for everything – cut down the laziness and that means the first thing I need to do is get up early and take my walks!

Let me see how the new year shapes up!

Have a wonderful new year all of you!

I’m done with my new year resolutions and don’t intend to break them – tell me about yours.