A Touching Story

I started blogging way back in 2005. I took a hiatus for 3 years and came back to blogging in 2009. I still don’t blog as frequently as I would like to; but atleast I’m keeping it going. Thanks to blogging, I got introduced to some fine writers and their blogs. I still follow the blogs that I first encountered in my early blogging days. Most bloggers have become infrequent but when they do post they share some lovely stories.

Manjula Padmnabhan is a famous writer – I’ve not read her books yet but I follow her blog YES religiously till date. She shares some amazing tales and I had to share this with you all, not through twitter or facebook but through my blog.

You must read this lovely story about love. You must. I began my day reading this touching story about a 20 year-old and his loving family. I wonder why we search for inspiration from our idols  when the common man around us can teach us so much more.

Read this and pass it on.

Against All Odds, A Beautiful Life


Dhobi Ghat


Life in 55 words over the last 2 months


  1. amazing story minal. it’s really so touching. who ever said that a family is made up only of people related by blood ties.

    a most inspirational story about a family that transcended the ties of blood, race, gender and species.

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