MDH is known for his surprises. I’ve often been asked by my friends if I can get him to start a consultancy service wherein he can guide husbands/wives on unique ideas to surprise a spouse. I see it as an idea with loads of potential – can you all help me convince him? If you need proof of his surprises given till date – here are a couple I had blogged about:

The London Surprise

The Big ‘O’ birthday surprise last year

So after a eventful birthday last year – I was expecting a simple one this year. When he gifted me my precious book – Pride and Prejudice I thought there would be no more surprises and we’d spend the day quietly.


But Mr had other plans and so I was told that he had booked a breakfast at Dubai’s famous hotel “Atlantis” – little did I know that we were to go above the hotel not in the hotel!

Ever wondered how Dubai looks from 5000 feet? The Burj Khalifa standing in front of you, the Burj-Al-Arab below you surrounded by the deep blue sea, the Palm Tree entering the ocean, the un-built world islands – giving you the picture of what the world would look like – almost staring into a real-life Atlas, the lovely villas in Jumeirah and finally your own house from the skies!

Last birthday he swept me off my feet with his surprise but this time he ensured I stayed in the skies. Sharing some lovely pictures from the thrilling helicopter ride

Awaiting our turn


The Palm Jumeirah


Burj Khalifa & Skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road


Jumeirah Villas


Burj-Al-Arab & The Atlantis


The World Islands in the making


And if this was not enough, he had planned a yacht party with our few close friends which had to be cancelled last minute owing to bad weather:-( Dubai has been having quite chilly winds over the first two weeks of February. We still do get to aboard the yacht and that should happen in a couple of weeks once the weather settles down. So all our friends came home with some incredible gifts making me feel like I was 13 again:-)

Well in a way we both got what we wanted – MDH stuck to his reputation of exceeding his surprises year after year and me – after the unexpected helicopter ride, a nice house birthday party in the evening with few close friends like good old days:-)

Now my friends and family cannot wait for my next birthday – just to check what MDH pulls out of his big “surprises” bag!