You do know by now about my love for cricket. The World Cup has started and I could be on and off this space until 2Apr2011. I’m not going to be totally switched off from here but the posts could get sporadic – so forgive me if you can!

If you love cricket and want to follow my write-ups catch me on my cricket blog : The Corridor of Certainty. We have some very good fellow bloggers posting there – so stay tuned in!

I’ve also got the opportunity to put up my posts on HoldingWilley and am enjoying this bit thoroughly.

Additionally, the podcasts with Ayaz Memon continue on Indicast

I’m finally getting a hang of twitter and loving the interaction with some balanced cricket enthusiasts. For my updates on twitter  follow me on @grangergabblog and @TheCofC

A lot of cricket happening in my life + my day-job is getting exciting, challenging, intellectually stimulating and more fulfilling as days pass by – yes I’m feeling blissful right now:-)