It feels like ages since I put up a post – I told you cricket and work is occupying my time currently. MDH and I were having crazy weekends for the last 3 months. There was a continuous flow of guests at home and on weekends we were busy playing tour guides, once they were off it was my birthday, friends’ birthday or friends meeting up after long time. There was not a single weekend I remember where we just stayed home and relaxed.  But this one was a contrast to the hectic 3 month period.

We just relaxed, sat at home, made some amazing Maggi for lunch, evening dinner was sabudana wadas, read some good books and watched some awesome movies. The channels played some great movies on the weekend after ages – Mississippi Burning, Anna and the King, Devil Wears Prada, Incredibles. We have seen them before umpteen times and enjoy watching them again. I actually did not hit twitter and Facebook as constantly as I would during normal days. I caught up on my much needed sleep and lazed around  – it just felt good to not do anything for a while.

MDH had to be in office for some important work today but was back in time to join me for lunch. So in the morning I went out and got my hair pampered at the parlour . After much thinking, got the Keratin treatment done, wondering how the hair is going to look:-). Then headed out for a nice Keralite lunch with my best friend here. I have not felt so relaxed in months and though I absolutely love having people over – I start craving that lazy me time.

The match was washed out today and I felt like I had loads of time on hand. Burnt a few long pending CDs, reached mid-way through Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and wondered why I had kept away from his books so far; they are absolutely brilliant!

Opened my Google reader and realised it is getting impossible for me to keep pace with offline and online reading plus all the work-related reading I’m yet to complete. As I keep pace with my life and to-do lists I really wonder how people manage to be so glued into twitter, Facebook and their offline lives. I doubt if they have any offline life at all – we have only 24 hours – how on earth are they managing the time 🙂 Me on the other hand enjoyed the last 48 hours – I need to do this more often and blog about life a bit more often!