Month: April 2011

Dory Fish Fillet

It’s been a long time since I blogged about food. So here goes a quick fix delicious snack for all you sea-food lovers. I learnt this dish from a family friend who had moved to Dubai for a couple of years. The Dory fish does not stink and the fillets are easily available in the supermarkets. When guests come over expecting the typical “fried fish” from a Goan-Maharashtrian household, this dish serves as a pleasant surprise for many.

So here goes.


Dori Fish Fillet (2), Bread Crumbs, Eggs (2)

Filling: Ricotta Cheese or Cottage Cheese(100 gms), Fresh Parsley Leaves(15-20 sticks), Green Chilly(4-5), Salt ( To Taste)


Grind coarse the ingredients of the filling to get the paste

photo (7)

Cut the fillet into medium rectangular pieces and put the filling in between the 2 pieces like a sandwich

photo (4)

Take table spoon of milk, beat the eggs in the milk and add salt as per taste

photo (6)

Dip the fillet sandwich pieces in the egg mixture and then apply bread crumbs.

photo (2)

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry in minimal oil on medium flame for 2-3 minutes and then let the pieces cook well on low flame.

Serve with ketchup or chilly sauce and enjoy some scrumptious starters

photo (1)photo (3)

Don’t Drive Me Crazy

A little bit of advice to the rash drivers I encounter daily in Dubai:

  • The road is not the place to display your so-called skill set; get qualified for one of those car racing competitions to satisfy your need for speed
  • I don’t mind read – so please turn on the indicator when you want to switch lanes or turn left/right
  • Red signal indicates STOP – stop your car and stop honking at me. I’m not going to budge till the signal turns green
  • I don’t like scratches or dents on my car – stop driving so close to me that will make me want to dent your car instead
  • Learn whose right of way it is – if you don’t agree, be prepared to hear a mouthful from me
  • Don’t drive at a speed of 120 Km/h in the middle/slow lanes – you can exhibit your speeding skills in the fast lane
  • Don’t flash your lights at me when I’m driving at the maximum speed limit – I will not give way if your speed is above the maximum speed limit
  • The yellow line indicates demarcation of the emergency lane – mad rush to get to office or meet your date is not termed as emergency
  • If you need to go to the extreme right stop cutting my lane on the extreme left
  • Zigzag lanes do not exist – only straight lanes exist; if you failed at geometry, stop making us pay for it
  • Guys driving bulky cars – you do not intimidate me; guys driving  smaller cars what makes you think me in a SUV will be terrified of you – get over yourselves.
  • My fellow women, cars are not meant for multitasking, focus on the road not on the mirror; there will be nothing left to focus on, if you choose the latter.
  • Take some time off your phone – no one will die if you do not reply to the call/sms/email/bb message/tweet/FB update for few minutes, but if you do so while driving – you might definitely die and kill me in the process as well.
  • If you have failed to come first in any other space in your life, the roads are definitely not the place to compensate for it – Stop racing me around, I care two hoots.

Lastly, if you are done with your life, feel free to end it – just don’t make that decision regarding mine!

Why Moms are the Cutest…

Mumma is with me in Dubai for a couple of months. One of my cousins has gone on to be a famous fashion designer in the USA. We were surfing his website, when mumma spotted the “HOME” link and kept telling me “Minu can you click there I want to see his home”

Mum is the cutest!

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