Too busy to communicate?

I posted this status on my FB/Twitter:

“People get busy, get occupied & then they forget – years of fun, laughter, tears, heartbreaks, love, hate, squabbles, endless cribs, telephone conversations, letters, long e-mails, late night chats – They forget Friends”

MDH tells me to not have expectations – I don’t have of everyone but of a few folks I do. I’ve shared most of my life with them. I’ve known them before MDH came into my life and I’ve grown up with them. Family – friends – cousins. I may have failed too – to keep in touch as much as I wanted to ; but I don’t remember not responding to letters/mails, not returning calls – not communicating back.

Before the internet boom, when we started out as students in far away lands, first jobs, first internships and it was tough on the pockets – a simple letter/e-mail/chat would suffice. Today most of us our doing well, we spend thousands on going out, buying lavish gifts but we don’t make the effort to call – not even once a year. Yes we all our busy – so busy with our lives, we have no time for family, so friends definitely get  the last priority. 

Now here is a thought – just sit back for a second and think of all the options you have to drop in a hi – once a year – just once: Phone-call , Skype, E-mail, Gtalk/Yahoo messenger, FB chat, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, BB Messenger, Letter.

Thanks to technology we can never be disconnected – so tell me how difficult is it to spare 1 minute of the 525600 minutes you get in a year? Or are my expectations too high or maybe I need to really stop bothering.

If you are reading this and wondering if it’s you I’m talking about – you are dead right!


  1. Vasudha says:

    i m glad I’m not one of them. 🙂

    1. Minal says:

      You are among the best in keeping in touch – I pale in comparison :))

  2. Neha says:

    Minal…. Its a thought provoking write up… the more technology wants to bring people close the more we are moving away…!
    I wonder why people are comfortable taking to a friend on FB or BB but not on phone?! I wonder why!!!

    1. Minal says:

      Neha I’ve stopped expecting phone calls. When I moved to Dubai without fail I would call my close friends atleast on their birthdays – what did I get in return on my birthday – FB wall posts. It pisses me off that one can’t take out time once a year to speak to me.
      So fine I made my peace but the fact that one pretends that one is so busy to even communicate by all other channels is something I cannot believe.
      So fact is they don’t see me in the same light as I do and it is appalling that after so many years of friendship they can’t even gather the guts to tell me that.

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