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A decade since we passed out of engineering – The fun moments, the depressing times, the times I regretted choosing this field, the lovely friends I made, the days I laughed and cried my heart out, the days that changed my life – my 4 years of Engineering.

In those 4 years I learnt that:

  • Engineering is studied in 8 months – 1 month of preparatory leave(PL) per semester
  • Before you think you are done with the viva-voce and exams for the semester, the next semester PL stares at you.
  • Engineering Is the best stream to choose if you want to escape those extended  family weddings – exams in Dec and May – best excuse ever!
  • Your viva-voce marks are determined not by the bloke who conducts your exam but by the bloke who shares the exam room with you.
  • You should never try to reason out the logic of making computer engineers learn Mechanics, Workshop and Engineering Drawing.
  • Only here do you realise that a 40 is sometimes equivalent to a 90 and you could not be more happier getting it
  • The only reason folks come to college in preparatory leave is to share the boredom of studying those huge books and memorizing endless formulae
  • People with photographic memory exist  – I’ve seen a living proof of that.
  • However intelligent you may think you are – there are thousands better than you. Keeps you bl^^dy grounded this stream
  • The juniors are always more bright, more sharp and more smart than you and your previous batches.
  • No matter which college you graduate from – even the best in the state – you will meet your share of smart A#*es; and some A*%holes too
  • The place I loved the most in college was not the lab or the classroom but the huge quadrangle in the centre of the campus
  • Geeks are creative buggers too – saw some of the best singers, artists, cartoonists, guitarists, dancers, musicians.
  • The most hyped up professors are the lousiest you will ever meet
  • The folks who brag about their intelligence are the ones to be ignored – the silent ones are the ones who shine
  • The low ratio of girls in class ensures that you the non-athlete will be part of box-cricket, throwball and basketball teams. Absolute #Facepalm moments for me in college.
  • College festivals ending at 11.00 p.m. ensure that friends staying far way make way to your home for a fun night-out.
  • I will never get over the logic of our college management making girls and boys sit in separate areas during college fests – I hope that has changed!
  • Never ever declare to your friends that you know an international cricketer – he won’t face as many taunts for his failures as much as you will
  • You need not be in a relationship or encounter a break-up to be an agony aunt to others’ relationship problems #WTF!
  • Having a crush can be a good thing and you are glad it remained at that – friendship weighs far more sometimes
  • Boys can be the best of friends and be just that
  • Best friends need not be from your own class – they can be from another stream or seniors or juniors
  • The person who bugs you the most is the one who likes you the most
  • The worst choice of stream for me ended up giving me the best of friends
  • When you suffer your heart-break there is no bigger balm than having friends around – like they were around when we followed Sachin’s 136 Vs. Pakistan in Chennai 1999 in college on radio
  • You argue, you fight, you hurt and you get back as if nothing happened – and then you know those friends will last you a lifetime

1460 days in my life spent in studying engineering. Realising half-way through it was not what I exactly loved but I made my peace with it. The banter, the laughs, the depressions, the heart-breaks, the sobs ,the sighs – Those 4 years of engineering re-engineered my life!




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  1. Minal, Is that International cricketer ‘Ajit Aagarkar’?? 😉

  2. Ahh.. college memories! I think the ironic thing about studying at uni (college) is that you wish for it to be over while you’re doing it… then once you get a real-world job you wish for the easy life of college days again.. 🙂

    • Mary tell me about it – in my 3rd year of college I was so fed up I could not wait for it to end – when it did took me quite sometime to accept that change 🙁

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