I woke up today to read this shocking article in Hindustan Times .Read the article and tell me if you don’t feel disgusted.


Girls are being ‘converted’ into boys in Indore – by the hundreds every year – at ages where they cannot give their consent for this life-changing operation.”


We women deal with enough crap throughout our lives – made to feel inferior to males around us all the time, made to feel secondary, made to feel guilty for being independent, for being our own person. Discrimination is a natural occurence in our lives. We women deal with crimes such as eve teasing, molestation, rape, where our dignity is stripped off daily. Worst is when our own kind are responsible for the crimes against us such as dowry, female infanticide and child marraiges.


I read these stories everyday about rape, molestation, dowry deaths, female infanticides – daily. It does not stop – it never will. But this news is just taking the whole “we want male child” to the worst possible levels.


What kind of parents are these? If your child is born with an abnormality, learn to deal with it. The child will have to grow up and decide what it wants to be and live his/her life as what he/she wants it to be. This is a disgusting statement from a doctor – what an insult to the profession this man is when he makes statements like this:


“When the child grows up, he or she would be confused about the gender he or she belongs to. This surgery can stop the child from having sex-determination disorder and psychological problems,” said Dr Milind Joshi, a pediatric surgeon who performs the procedure at a city hospital.”


Of the 200-300 cases cited so far, there was one instance of converting a boy to a girl. Who puts their child through this nonsense? Do the parents and doctors realize what it could to do to the psychology of the children when they grow up? Do they not have choice to understand what they were born with and decide for themselves? The girls converted to boys will be infertile and that is okay for the parents to live with as long as they can have a boy. How can you be so cruel?


 You morons by this act you are driving yourselves closer to extinction – killing the girl child. Yes that’s what you are doing – playing with nature. Did the mothers and grandmothers in these families forget that they are women and were born a girl child? What if they had been abandoned or converted by their parents.


There are people out there who cannot have a child and would do anything to adopt the girls you do not want. You morons you do not understand the value of this gift of god – a child – boy or girl is the most precious gift one is blessed with.


You don’t get to choose your gift and you do not get to play GOD!