Stop playing GOD

I woke up today to read this shocking article in Hindustan Times .Read the article and tell me if you don’t feel disgusted.


Girls are being ‘converted’ into boys in Indore – by the hundreds every year – at ages where they cannot give their consent for this life-changing operation.”


We women deal with enough crap throughout our lives – made to feel inferior to males around us all the time, made to feel secondary, made to feel guilty for being independent, for being our own person. Discrimination is a natural occurence in our lives. We women deal with crimes such as eve teasing, molestation, rape, where our dignity is stripped off daily. Worst is when our own kind are responsible for the crimes against us such as dowry, female infanticide and child marraiges.


I read these stories everyday about rape, molestation, dowry deaths, female infanticides – daily. It does not stop – it never will. But this news is just taking the whole “we want male child” to the worst possible levels.


What kind of parents are these? If your child is born with an abnormality, learn to deal with it. The child will have to grow up and decide what it wants to be and live his/her life as what he/she wants it to be. This is a disgusting statement from a doctor – what an insult to the profession this man is when he makes statements like this:


“When the child grows up, he or she would be confused about the gender he or she belongs to. This surgery can stop the child from having sex-determination disorder and psychological problems,” said Dr Milind Joshi, a pediatric surgeon who performs the procedure at a city hospital.”


Of the 200-300 cases cited so far, there was one instance of converting a boy to a girl. Who puts their child through this nonsense? Do the parents and doctors realize what it could to do to the psychology of the children when they grow up? Do they not have choice to understand what they were born with and decide for themselves? The girls converted to boys will be infertile and that is okay for the parents to live with as long as they can have a boy. How can you be so cruel?


 You morons by this act you are driving yourselves closer to extinction – killing the girl child. Yes that’s what you are doing – playing with nature. Did the mothers and grandmothers in these families forget that they are women and were born a girl child? What if they had been abandoned or converted by their parents.


There are people out there who cannot have a child and would do anything to adopt the girls you do not want. You morons you do not understand the value of this gift of god – a child – boy or girl is the most precious gift one is blessed with.


You don’t get to choose your gift and you do not get to play GOD!


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  1. Minal, In case the child is born with abnormality, is it not good to let this operation take place rather than them growing up being confused about their very own sex? Who would choose to remain the way they were born if they were born with a mismatch. where he doesnt know if he is a he or a she? the social status also plays a major role. If he/she is born in an affulent set up, the parents can still protect the child from the wagging tongues but think about a child born like this in a slum area.. he/she will be subjected to such comments and remarks that it would be even more traumetic than living an ‘infertile but not impotent’ life. worst case, such children born to poor parents are often turned to eunuchs. Such children are then castrated & then turn over to the life of prostitution. Getting this operation done can lead them to a life of dignity. often this is done when they are pre-pubescent. They dont even get to grow up to an age where they can make their own decision. I can understand your frustration at all of them converted into boys instead of girls and that decision ideally should be made by the doctors who can gauge the medicinal complications better than the child or the parents but the general favorism or rather ‘lack of problems’ that the male child is envisioned with is responsible for this. There still would be girls ready to marry a guy who had undergone the surgery but will there be any guy ready to marry a girl with same ill fate? There still would be parents of the girls who can marry their daughters off to such man but there wont be a parent who will agree to this for their son. We have to accept that men as compared to women live a more ‘unquestioned’ and ‘easy’ life as far as acceptance is concerned. its just everyone is trying to fly their kites where the wind is blowing… the change is needed in the ‘general’ condition and stature of woman in indian society and only then when there is a choice to be made, everyone will choose a girl..

    • Himali, brilliant – I loved your point of view and I cannot find myself disagreeing to it. I do understand if the operation is being done to give the kids a life of dignity but it does not seem so. If the decision has been based on medical findings it is tough to believe that only 1 out of 300 cases was a boy to a girl.
      What I feel is worst is if the operated child grows up wanting to be the other gender – wouldn’t that be equally traumatic ? Very debatable this bit.

      Our society has a long way to go – we are just lucky to have a set of parents who believed in equal opportunities for guys and girls, but most are not that lucky.

      • Himali

        Its a pity our medical system considers the concept of ‘informed consent’ as non existence. Its not that Americans are brainy but here a doctor or nurse treating a patient has to explain what is being done and what could be the side effects of the treatment to the patient (and if he or she are minor OR unconscious then to their guardians). In India the general opinion about the ‘public’ is that they dont understand anything and hence can be kept in dark. Pumping a body with hormones alone can work only for bobby darlings 😉
        it has its own repercussions that even doctors cant predict but as per medical science The Testosterone is relatively simpler than the magical mixture of Estrogen & Progesterone. The behavioral shift needed is also not too difficult for guys than it is for a girl. Think about all the ‘extra’ manners we are taught to be the ladies that society wants us to be. The mould is relatively uncomolicated for guys and then you can dress a body as guy and the attention it attracts is much lesser than a girl.
        Its like you said, we have a very very long way to go in terms of gender equality. The day parents in our country can beat the fear out of their minds about having a daughter that can be raped, molested, burnt, degraded, eve-teased, dowry-d, we can see a change… may be our grandchildren’s grand children.. 😉

    • Sandeep Kumar

      You are right in saying that, poor boys are turned into eunuchs by castration. There are underground network for such things.i came to know that, some parents sell their boys for money. Later on they will be castrated by underground gangs.

      I think these testicle crushed boys will become criminals at a later stage.

  2. It’s sad to see that despite worldwide women’s suffrage movements and the efforts of people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy in India in the 19th century, we still view women as 2nd grade citizens! Btw, well written…

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