I’m on a much needed break but the first 5 days in London were anything but relaxing. 3 days at LORDS, 1 evening at musical after some work visit in the day and the next day roaming the countryside with friends. I put up some pictures on Day 1 at LORDS on my cricket blog – detailed posts on my experience there and more pictures from day 4&5 will follow over the weekend.

Yesterday morning we landed in a small village in Ireland – village in Galway county. My school friend married an Irish guy and quit her city life to settle in an unknown land. I’ve met her husband only twice and been wanting to get MDH to meet these two folks; the life they lead is MDH’s ideal life – his dream. Me – I’m the city girl – is, was, always will be. But I’m enjoying the experience – I may never make this change in my life but I simply admire my friend and her husband for the professions they chose ( so different from the norm – so different from what all my friends do ) and the quiet beautiful life they chose. Far away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the maddening rush – in the midst of nature.

I’ve so much to narrate about them and their place – but that will follow once I finish my vacation.

I’ve always mentioned on this blog how blessed I feel because of the friends I have – in their unique ways they have influenced and touched my life. Every time I meet them – I only learn more about life – the life I may never live but get to experience through them

Here is glimpse from the back of their house – I’m sitting in their conservatory – a lovely huge house with greenery, gardens, and mountains all around.



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  1. Minal – you were at LORDS?!?! Oh my gosh!! This is so exciting. I’ll have to check your cricket blog out to see all the details. 🙂

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