Why I Hated BodyGuard…

  • Bollywood is trying to make a RajniKant out of Salman Khan – so not happening!
  • I get the need for mindless movies – I’m not against them but this was beyond mindless – it was mind numbing
  • The movie tests your tolerance to irritating elements
  1. Salman has the name “ Lovely Singh”
  2. His irritating mobile tone  –  first 6 seconds of this song that play every 10 minutes in the movie
  3. Himesh Reshammiya then screams his lungs out to make a whole song out of that ringtone
  4. There is a character called Tsunami – don’t ask me why!
  • The title track is going to be the next DhinkaChinka – I just know it!
  • Why do all the action scenes have to be in super-slow motion? Also why are they accompanied with Salman’s supposedly funny histrionics?
  • What’s with his weird dance steps and constipated smiles?
  • How come Kareena’s best friend has no home of her own to live in? Is she her bodyguard too ?
  • Salman guards Kareena 24 hours – how can he not recognize her voice on the phone?
  • Of all he movie plots to copy, you copy the Kuch Kuch Hota Hain – “Write your kid letters about dad’s love story and fetch a new wife and mom” –plot?
  • Nowhere close to its namesake in Hollywood , atleast should’ve copied  the plot – would have been more bearable.
  • But the top 3 reasons ( in no order of preference) why I hated BodyGuard even more were:
  1. I let my friends talk me into watching a Salman Khan movie at the same time India was playing her T20 Vs Eng.
  2. I missed Rahane’s awesome debutDravid’s 3 sixers off consecutive balls.
  3. I came home to see the last over in which Eng hit the winning runs
    I can’t recollect the last Salman movie I saw in the theatre – BodyGuard reminded me why I haven’t watched one in a long time!




The “I”cebreaker

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  1. Forget mind-numbing, this movie actually got me really angry during the second half, in every scene after the last fight sequence.

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