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Every toastmaster’s meeting we attend has a theme and the WordMaster has to give a word that is in sync with the theme. The speakers, and all the members then have to use this theme and word at some point during the speeches, round table sessions. During the entire meeting while the wordmaster keeps count of the number of times the word was used.

After my first icebreaker speech , I was the wordmaster for the second speech. Before you introduce the word you need to lead the audience to the word. Here is my little 1-2 minutes effort. The theme of the day was “Milestone” and the word  I chose was “Success”


Milestone to me equals achievement ;  a sense of fulfilment  when we set goals and accomplish them. What do you term this sense of fulfilment?

To me it defines “Success”.

Success is relative.

It is proving that you are better than the rest but more importantly it is proving that you are better than your best.

I share with you what a few “ successful” folks thought about success:

Ann Landers was the pen name created by Chicago Sun-Tribune advice columnist Ruth Crowley in 1943. The syndicated advice column “ Ask Ann Landers” featured in many newspapers in North America and ran for 56 years. Here is what she had to say:

The Lord has given us two ends – one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most

Erma Bombeck an American humorist said;

Don’t confuse fame with success – Madonna is one, Helen Keller is the other.

John McEnroe – known for his tantrums and hot-head and frankess probably gave the best perspective about success which holds so true;

Everyone loves success, but they hate successful people

So don’t frown if someone hates you, he/she is probably jealous and deems you to be more successful then himself/herself.

And finally, I hope you all have at some point in your life seen  the awesome show “Kids Say the Darnest Things”. If you haven’t I suggest you go to youtube and watch it. Bill Cosby – the famous American comedian , actor was the show’s anchor. His rapport with the kids was the perfect recipe for the show’s success. Here is what the wonderful man said:

I don’t know the key to success, but I do know that the key to failure is trying to please everybody

Stop pleasing everybody, do what your heart and mind tell you is right, pursue your goals and success will follow.

iMiss “Steve Jobs”

Yes I will miss Steve Jobs. I read the news today on twitter at 6.00 a.m. Dubai Time. I was gutted – I still am.

Here is what Steve Jobs meant to me –

  • He made the most selfish letter “i” the most cherished letter with his “iNnovations
  • The iRony is when I had to give my first iCebreaker Speech at Toastmasters 2 weeks ago – iChose to seek iNsipiration from his Apple Language
  • He revived the lost iGeek in me – I love all his inventions.
  • He dared to be different, he followed his dream – how many of us have the courage to do that?
  • His life is a lesson to us. You ask me about beating the odds, I’ll direct you to him
  • He exemplified “Simplicity” 

My mumma (the absolute non-geek) preferred MDH’s MAC to my HP notebook.

My little munchkin – my niece all of 1.5 years of age today, knows how to open the iPhone and go to the “Photos” app to view her photos and videos.

To me these two are my defining moments of how Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we see technology today – He followed the “KISS” principle. He “Kept It Simple Stupid”

I’m not going to write a long tribute cause all that has to be said of the man was said when he was alive and a lot more was said today – when he bid his adieu.

I read a lot of lovely quotes, articles about him today, I saw some awesome graphics paying tribute to him. My words will mean nothing compared to these treasures and I want them to stay with me for long. So I’m going to share and compile the fine tributes that people shared on my timeline on Facebook and Twitter. Please let me know if you come across any that I missed (I’m sure I will) and I’ll update it in due course.

Before I begin with the tributes, learn a bit about the man if you do not know him

This is his Commencement Address at Stanford in 2005 , you can read it here

Introducing the iPhone in the famous KeyNotes 2007

Be Inspired – Read what he had to say to us (shared by @zeniadcunha)

Here are pieces of his life strung together in a lovely 3 min clip

Here is Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign – the unaired version in Steve Jobs voice has done a brilliant compilation of all Steve Jobs videos – thanks @sehwagology for sharing this link.

The Tributes

Apple kept it simple – like Steve would’ve wanted it to be. The script read

His friend and co-founder Steve Wozniak shares his feelings.

Google paid one of the best tributes – again “simple” yet effective.

googletribute got all the quotes from the greats together on their homepage tribute, with a look at his life, a quick recollection of Steve through the years and his innovations. Shared by @sehwagology and @tifosiguy on twitter.

The Apple Logo recreated here – a symbolic way to say “Thank You” Steve

Steve Jobs – We cannot replace you, even your creation agrees

People have their own unique ways to pay tribute to him – one more of the many amazing ones I saw today

Along with flowers, fans left post-its , handwritten-letters and apples at Apple Stores today. He touched a million lives – knowingly & unknowingly.

My favourite comic strips joined in to – Oatmeal & XKCD. Oatmeal has gone ahead and paid a further beautiful ode on their site. Click on the pic to know what.

@ paperstargirl introduced me to another webcomic – GapingVoid which has a tribute up  – the graphic of the text of the “Think Different” Ad.

BoingBoing went black and white an ode to the classic Macintosh

He may not have changed the world as most of his detractors have been hounding us with but he tried to make things easier and accessible. Read this beautiful post from a mom about how Steve Jobs’s creation helped her autistic child – shared by @sehwagology.

Even Jobs was not aware of the impact of his creations – read Stephen Fry’s powerful post on how we just might owe the internet to Jobs.

My favourite blogger – Scott Adams, the Dilbert Creator leaves his tribute – in the simple way that Jobs would’ve approved.

Twitter Tributes

I love twitter – my iPhone taught me how and why. Here are some beautiful 140 character tributes I read today – I’m sure there are a million more.

@Patrix : The Mac, Pixar, OS X, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and the iPad. Any man coming up with any one of these would’ve been considered great.

@mworch :Steve Jobs dies and the entire world finds out/tweets/texts about it on the devices he created. That’s not a bad way to go.

@calamur : It is a life well known when someone you have never met or who isn’t a user of your products, has tears on hearing of the death.

@Alternate_Truth summed up Steve Jobs life to a Tee : iCame, iSaw, iConquered, iLeft, iMmortal

Some lovely posts shared on twitter written by folks among us

@daddy_san puts his thoughts on influence of Steve Jobs on his life – I’d agree to most and even if I tried I could not put my thoughts so beautifully as he has here

And if you thought that Tim Cook’s first Apple press conference was a damp squib, read Robert Schoble’s heartfelt apology and you will get the right perspective.

@patrix whom I’ve followed since I started blogging in 2005 and who often blogged about his love for Apple products captures his Mac and Apple experience here. 

Now for the final gems by friends quoted on FB:

SK : The heart today looks like the logo…a piece of it bitten away!:(

AP:  The ‘Apple’ of our ‘i’ left us today. While we remember him as a visionary and genius; let us also remember him as a brave hero who fought cancer till the very end. RIP SteveJobs

But here is the most poignant one of all I read/heard today about Steve Jobs. It came from my husband ( an absolute Mactard ) who quoted  “Oscar Wilde”


The best way to appreciate your “Job” is to imagine yourself without one.

There was only one Steve Jobs, and I did not want to appreciate him by imagining him not being there.

Today he is no more , there will be none like him and iMiss him.

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