Toastmasters Project-2 “Public Transport and Me”

Remember I mentioned to you all that I’ve joined Toastmasters and put up my first speech 2 months back on this space. We are to complete 10 project speeches in the year and I moved to complete my Project-2 yesterday.  The topic I chose was the one which has been very dear to me having… Continue reading »


Random Madness…

I’m so swamped at work these days I don’t get the time to think, read, or pursue my hobbies. I realise internet nope social networking is eating into my time – I need to cut down on it. FB time has already gone down and so will Twitter. My reader items are pending, my daily… Continue reading »


Sitcoms and Me

I love watching Television – it’s a different thing now that I’m struggling for time to catch up with regular viewing of the series on TV. So the deal now is to either grab the DVDs or hunt for downloads. F.R.I.E.N.D.S remains my all time favourite comedy series. I have watched all seasons a million… Continue reading »