I’m so swamped at work these days I don’t get the time to think, read, or pursue my hobbies. I realise internet nope social networking is eating into my time – I need to cut down on it. FB time has already gone down and so will Twitter.

My reader items are pending, my daily business journal mails are unread, my books are lying on my shelf, I just skim through my newspaper and never get down to completely reading my bookmarked business articles. I’m kind of beginning to hate this current  me.

But there is something interesting cooking up as well – and I hope I can give it the time I want to. It also means I may do away with my cricket blog – there is no way I can manage 2 blogs and work on a website given the little time I find myself with when I get home.

I miss television – I don’t remember the last time I followed any series on TV religiously – these days I just download the episodes or catch the series much later on DVD. The schedules are getting that crazy.

I was the one who was always in touch with everyone – all my friends and family. Now it is exhausting and overwhelming for me. I’ve cut down on those expectations cause I cannot work on a one-way street.

I’m not a mother yet and there is only so much I can contribute to parenting conversations. I’m thrilled for my friends and cousins who are in a new phase – and their kids are awesome but beyond that I really don’t know what to say.

I’m also seriously, seriously tired of people asking MDH and me when we will have a kid – if it has to happen it will, if not – well not much I can say at this point of time cause somehow my views on not having a kid early and wanting to wait don’t seem to make any sense.

In between all this I’m neglecting my health – I need to get fit – no not thin but fit. Weight-wise I’m perfect – I never thought the skinny me in college would ever get to what I’m today. I love the way I look, I love how I fit into the best clothes and no longer have to hunt for XS sizes. But I’m not fit.  I no longer have the stamina of the teenage me – I realise this every time I’m tired after dancing on 4-5 songs continuously. I’ve hit the dance floor in the past for 5-6 straight hours without bothering to eat or drink.

I wonder why I’m getting so miserable at my personal time management when I’m so bloody good at it at my workplace.

I know I’m just lacking the discipline to do all the stuff I want to and I need to do something about it TODAY!

P.S: In all this random madness my munchkin – my little 1.5 year old niece Ira is keeping me sane – her increasing crazy antics everyday and stories from my Didi have me in splits all the time. My sis is the coolest mom in the world – most new mums need to take a lesson from her on being a mother.