Month: February 2012

Meryl Streep and the Oscars

Meryl Streep is one of my favourite actresses, although I must admit I’ve not watched each and every movie she has acted in. I’ve loved her in Kramer Vs. Kramer and The Devil Wears Prada. Miranda Priestly stayed with me for a long time after watching the movie , she is probably one of my favourite movie characters too. I’ve watched that movie a million times over just for Streep and Anne Hathway. Every time I watch that movie I wonder how can acting come so easy to anyone. No one else could’ve played Miranda. I must admit I was a bit a disappointed when she did not win the Oscar in 2007 for that movie.

I’ve always seen Meryl get nominated at the Oscars and never win because the last time she won an Oscar was in 1982  for Sophie’s Choice. I was learning my first words then – understanding movies or knowing Meryl Streep was out of question. She has been nominated a record 17 times and won thrice – and that makes her the greatest living underdog as Michael Schulman concludes in this wonderful article at the “New Yorker

If you are a Streep fan like me – this article is for the keeps – to be bookmarked and stored as a favourite. Michael Schulman traces some of Meryl’s famous acceptance speeches across different awards in the years gone by and dissects them in the same delectable manner as Meryl delivers her speeches. To quote him:

“ But the real reason I’m in the tank for Streep is simple: I want to see her acceptance speech. The Meryl Streep acceptance speech is an art unto itself: elegant, loopy, cunningly self-aware, and impeccably delivered—in short, everything you expect from a Meryl Streep performance, condensed to three minutes. Where else can you see fake humility, fake gratitude, and fake spontaneity delivered with such aplomb?”

So go hurry over to the article and revisit her speeches – and learn why she is indeed the greatest living underdog.

What Makes a Great Husband?

If you ask this question to our friend circle all the ladies will probably point to my husband for the mind-blowing surprises he has thrown for me over the years during our 7 year marriage. A few I managed to pen down here, here and here. He did better like every year last weekend as well  before my birthday – it was wonderful like always.

Then I fell ill, for last 7 days I’ve been drained out, bed-ridden, low on energy, dehydrated and advised strict bed rest by the doctors. The viral fever attacked, intravenous drips, saline drips, blood tests, multiple medicines, zero appetite, the whole doctor routine. This was not enough that  the body reacted and a rash erupted that as per doctors will take another 2-3 weeks to go. Office missed for a week, unlikely this week I’ll be able to go to. Full on depression mode – the only positives that all the expected serious causes ruled out and all tests came out negative. The body is like me lazy, lazy to recovery and giving me the worst time ever. I hate being ill, I hate not working – whether at home or work.

In the last 7 days, MDH has been rock solid, smiling, energetic, and my Rock of Gibraltar. We are alone here – away from family, no real close family here either whom we can call upon to stay with me. So he had to manage everything singlehandedly. He had to take 2-3 days off from work to take me to the doc, get the tests done, be with me at home, feed me, give me medicines, make/get food, boil water, do the housework, wash vessels, get grocery, wash my clothes separately ( as the rash was suspected to be infectious, which it is not anymore), wash the rest of the clothes, ensure no dust zone around me, ensure I sleep well, rest well. He hasn’t slept in the last 7 days while I’ve only slept. And in all this chaos he also has managed to go to office and work.

Marriage isn’t only about being a great spouse, it’s sometimes also about being a parent. He has not made me miss my mom by taking care of me just like she would. Yes as a husband – the love and the surprises and all the little things he does – he has always been special but in the last 7 days of my illness he has been not just my husband, but my mom and my dad all packed into one  – and to me that is what makes a great husband.

The Immortals of Meluha

I’m an absolute sucker for Hindu mythologies – the Mahabharta, the Ramayana, the DashaAvtaar, the SaptaRishis, the Devas, the Asuras, the Apsaras – the triumph of good over evil.

I blame my mum who read me a chapter of the famous epics every night when I was a kid – who composed songs of Rama and Krishna and then I blame my father who bought me all possible books on these epics and each character that I could read as a kid – Long Live Amar Chitra Katha!

I had not read any book on Hindu Mythology in a long time until I got hold of “Palace of Illusions” a year and half back.

Krishna is my favourite God, so is Ganesha , but Shiva has fascinated me the most. The loner, the one with the bad temper, the recluse, the ardent lover, the superlative dancer, the protector.

I had heard such great reviews of Amish’s Shiva Triology that I finally picked up the two books released on my trip to India in December. The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas. I finished the first one yesterday within 2 working days ( I get just about 2-3 hours in the day to read the book given my workloads at home and office, so I’m proud of myself for this mini-achievement given that my reading habit has taken a beating post my move to Dubai). It is a book that you cannot keep down – every chapter, every page is a mystery waiting to be unravelled.

If you love Hindu mythology don’t give this one a miss. Secret of Nagas has begun and should be completed by the weekend. Can’t wait for the Oath of Vayuputras scheduled for this year end release.

Shiva – the NeelKanth, Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi – always shrouded in mystery and Amish attempts to demystify Shiva’s phenomenon.

(P.S: Moneyball reading was happening on the parallel – had to put it on hold after realising the breaks in reading were not doing justice to it. So I have kept it for the days I can finish it in one sitting – what a fascinating, intelligent read so far, but a bit technical and need to know a little bit of baseball to get a hang of it all , or probably to enjoy it a bit more )



I came across this on FB – I had to share it on the blog cause I believe this is very much possible in real life. I’m not a mom yet but if I were to become one someday – this is a possibility with me; and all you righteous moms who are judging me now cause I’m agreeing to this – you know you are lying cause you know this is a possibility with you too 🙂

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