What Makes a Great Husband?

If you ask this question to our friend circle all the ladies will probably point to my husband for the mind-blowing surprises he has thrown for me over the years during our 7 year marriage. A few I managed to pen down here, here and here. He did better like every year last weekend as well  before my birthday – it was wonderful like always.

Then I fell ill, for last 7 days I’ve been drained out, bed-ridden, low on energy, dehydrated and advised strict bed rest by the doctors. The viral fever attacked, intravenous drips, saline drips, blood tests, multiple medicines, zero appetite, the whole doctor routine. This was not enough that  the body reacted and a rash erupted that as per doctors will take another 2-3 weeks to go. Office missed for a week, unlikely this week I’ll be able to go to. Full on depression mode – the only positives that all the expected serious causes ruled out and all tests came out negative. The body is like me lazy, lazy to recovery and giving me the worst time ever. I hate being ill, I hate not working – whether at home or work.

In the last 7 days, MDH has been rock solid, smiling, energetic, and my Rock of Gibraltar. We are alone here – away from family, no real close family here either whom we can call upon to stay with me. So he had to manage everything singlehandedly. He had to take 2-3 days off from work to take me to the doc, get the tests done, be with me at home, feed me, give me medicines, make/get food, boil water, do the housework, wash vessels, get grocery, wash my clothes separately ( as the rash was suspected to be infectious, which it is not anymore), wash the rest of the clothes, ensure no dust zone around me, ensure I sleep well, rest well. He hasn’t slept in the last 7 days while I’ve only slept. And in all this chaos he also has managed to go to office and work.

Marriage isn’t only about being a great spouse, it’s sometimes also about being a parent. He has not made me miss my mom by taking care of me just like she would. Yes as a husband – the love and the surprises and all the little things he does – he has always been special but in the last 7 days of my illness he has been not just my husband, but my mom and my dad all packed into one  – and to me that is what makes a great husband.


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  1. mitali salgaonkar

    Hey minal mami 🙂 just read this extra sweet article of urs 🙂 and its really so touching 🙂 nd I hope u get well soon 🙂 u sure will u hav such a GREAT husband 😀 take care 🙂

  2. Tanveer

    Very True Minal.. and yes we could see your pain on his face in office.. He is not only a good husband.. but also a very good human being… God Bless you both..

    • Thanks Tanveer, I know the pain shows on his face or in his voice when his loved ones are not well but he is also a very very strong guy and it has helped me not only get through the illness but to also cope up with the rash that is going to be around for the next 2-3 weeks 🙂

  3. Saleel

    Knowing Amit, I am not surprised. He has always been this kind of a guy. You are both lucky to have found each other because doing is one thing and appreciating it without taking for granted is commendable too.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Hi Saleel,
      Yup I guess what I’ve always admired and loved about him is the magnanimity of his heart and he is always out to help anyone who is in need.

      I rarely express myself to my loved ones and this is one space that helps me to do it with relative ease 🙂

  4. Charlotte

    Awesome…. this post really makes me feel so proud of Amit…n very happy for u guys……N its so true… taht Marriage is just about these small things and how they make one feel special in such a magnanimous way….Love to the two of u n may u have many many wonderful years together 🙂

  5. Great and a grand way to reciprocate love. My best wishes. It is too much of a coincidence that the last week i have been nursing my wife in the hospital staying awake for nights. Today she is better. She had malaria and typhoid.

    And this is what I wrote when she slept, too heavy with antibiotics.


    Would love your opinion, since you are a working woman.

    • Durlov,
      I hope your wife is better and wish her a speedy recovery. I read your post and left a comment. Not sure it was posted or not

  6. mitali

    I agree mina . A great spouse i guess is someone who is literally with you through thick and thin.. I do crib abt sau sometimes and guess we have our p hases. But I think i have the best i happy cld have ever imagined finding a husband like sau and i guess u feel the same abt jijs…. really happy for the two of you.. may you guys have a lifetime of happiness together.. muahhhh. love you both

    • Thanks Mitu. People who know Amit and me probably think it is his lavish surprises that make him a great husband but people don’t really know the person that hides behind his lovely surprises. His sole purpose in his life is to see a smile on my face. I’ve been through some major illnesses before and had a scare last week but not once has the guy let me collapse. Marriage is not always about the love and the romance and the sex and the chemistry – it is mainly about being for the person when he/she needs you the most in the form he/she needs you the most. When I’m ill I miss my mom and dad esp mom and in last 7 days Amit has been with me like she would’ve been. Marriage is about these small things and people fail to see the obvious.

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