Meryl Streep is one of my favourite actresses, although I must admit I’ve not watched each and every movie she has acted in. I’ve loved her in Kramer Vs. Kramer and The Devil Wears Prada. Miranda Priestly stayed with me for a long time after watching the movie , she is probably one of my favourite movie characters too. I’ve watched that movie a million times over just for Streep and Anne Hathway. Every time I watch that movie I wonder how can acting come so easy to anyone. No one else could’ve played Miranda. I must admit I was a bit a disappointed when she did not win the Oscar in 2007 for that movie.

I’ve always seen Meryl get nominated at the Oscars and never win because the last time she won an Oscar was in 1982  for Sophie’s Choice. I was learning my first words then – understanding movies or knowing Meryl Streep was out of question. She has been nominated a record 17 times and won thrice – and that makes her the greatest living underdog as Michael Schulman concludes in this wonderful article at the “New Yorker

If you are a Streep fan like me – this article is for the keeps – to be bookmarked and stored as a favourite. Michael Schulman traces some of Meryl’s famous acceptance speeches across different awards in the years gone by and dissects them in the same delectable manner as Meryl delivers her speeches. To quote him:

“ But the real reason I’m in the tank for Streep is simple: I want to see her acceptance speech. The Meryl Streep acceptance speech is an art unto itself: elegant, loopy, cunningly self-aware, and impeccably delivered—in short, everything you expect from a Meryl Streep performance, condensed to three minutes. Where else can you see fake humility, fake gratitude, and fake spontaneity delivered with such aplomb?”

So go hurry over to the article and revisit her speeches – and learn why she is indeed the greatest living underdog.