Switched Off…

from Facebook.

I went off it during my two week illness. Came back for a few days and then deactivated the account again.

I had really enjoyed Facebook until I realised it was getting too intrusive and it was making me claustrophobic. It was eating into my reading and writing space. Not that I’m a regular blogger but I try to be. Work is exhausting as always and between cutting down my online time – I started off by going off Facebook. Twitter time increases only when a cricket match is on – so that is  under control.  

This may be a phase and I may get back – but as of now I’m not missing not being on it. This is not to say I detest it or hate it – I still feel it has its positives and it helped me connect with a lot of folks and it felt good.

Facebook also gives you this lovely illusion from the many comments and likes you get on your photographs and statuses that you are very important and folks on your long “friends list” will miss you. Let me spoil it for you – it’s all humbug –if you didn’t already know that. Get yourselves deactivated from Facebook and see how many write in to check if you are alive;  only a handful will and you know who you need to be in touch with.

If you want to reach out to me – drop me an email or leave a comment on the blog and I’ll definitely get back. I’m pretty good at being in touch – always have been. My best friends and close relatives are severely disconnected online when so many modes of connection are available today; and they know it or rather take it for granted that I will be in touch no matter what – and they are right!






  1. Bhakti

    Hi Minal Tai… how are you and where have you been these days?? Last few days I started realizing that there were no more updates from you on facebook after which I suddenly remembered this site and here I am reading this blog of yours 🙂 . Hope you are doing well.

    • I’m good Bhakti – taking a break from FB. Should be back but dunno when. I’m very busy at work – get no time 🙁 Hope you are doing great 🙂

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