How long have you been married?

Why have you retained your maiden name after marriage?

Do you have kids yet?

Why don’t you have kids?

You get to enjoy so much only cause you don’t have kids

Mint money now – good plan, you won’t work after having a kid will you?


I just have one question to these idiots who do not understand the meaning of “intruding my personal space” – at what point of your supposedly mature adult life are you going to learn to Shut The F%&k Up!




Europe – I Love You


  1. Archana


    I soooo agree with you on this!!!

    I have people who have already asked me when I am having my 2nd baby!!!!

    Considering my 1st one is just 4 months old!! I hadnt even recovered completely from the 1st delivery ( i was asked in the 2nd month!!!)

    These are the people you believe are alive only because you cant just get away by killing people you dont like.

  2. NS

    Hi minal,

    Enjoy reading ur blog from time to time but delurking for the first time!And yeah totally with you on this post, some people just cant mind their own business…

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