Remember Amitabh-Rekha singing “Dekha Ek Khwab Mein Hain Silsile Hue”? That song is the primary reason that has led most Indian tourists to see Keukenhof

The gardens are open for only 2 months in the year to tourists – so always ensure that if you ever visit Netherlands, you plan a trip during March-May and not miss a visit to these gardens.

My parents loved gardening – even in our 2BHK in Mumbai – Papa had made mini gardens in all the rooms by converting some windows to box grills, there were plants within the rooms as well – especially bonsai plants. Roses, hibiscus were housed in those gardens and both took great care of the plants – like they were their children. Even though I’ve not inherited their gardening skills or love, I still enjoy being amongst plants and flowers.  My mumma loves flowers – all types, all colours, she loses herself in them and how I would’ve loved to have her with me among those colourful Tulips I saw at Keukenhof.

Long stretches of tulip blossoms – white, yellow, purple, red, pink – the arrangements in different pavilions in the garden are a sight to see. Some told me the gardens are over-rated but if you love flowers and being amongst them – I think you must plan a visit to this pretty place.

It is well connected to the main stations in Netherlands – Leiden and Schipol with buses every 10 minutes. Owing to spring season it is open till late in the evening – you need atleast 3-4 hours to view the gardens so make sure you get there in time. Also very important to check the weather before planning a trip there. We were lucky we got a bright and sunny day when we visited this April.

Leaving you folks with some snaps to soak in the beauty of  the place