I’ve concluded that even if I take a year long sabbatical from work and come on a vacation to India it will never be enough to meet up with all my friends and family members.

We took a 24 day vacation to Mumbai this year – I can’t remember that last time both MDH and I’ve been to Mumbai for more than 2 weeks.  We had not been for Diwali in 6 years since we moved to Dubai so this time it was great being with close ones back home. Parents complained we never spend enough time with them so we took them on a nice week long trip to Rajasthan. Now our cousins and aunts-uncles are complaining that they have met me only once. Old school and college friends whom I promised to catch up with – I could not thanks to unexpected events turning up which consumed the time I was to spend meeting them.

I thought I took enough time off so that I would not hear complaints from my folks that I give cricket importance by watching a match instead of meeting people – I was proved wrong again! India losing another test at Wankhede did not help my cause as most cursed me for not only wasting 3 whole days but also money watching a bunch of losers who have no spine. I’ve realised it’s so easy for my family and friends to curse and vent their frustration about India losing on me – especially mum – she seems to derive some sadistic pleasure of seeing me go to a match and witness India lose.  Then she can lecture me on how my priorities are all goofed up.

I apologize from my heart to all my friends and family whom I could not meet up this time – I mean it sincerely – I don’t know how I mess up my planner and time management on vacations when I’m so fantastic at it when it comes to my work 🙁

India vacations – is a serious challenge and I need to master it sooner than later else I’m going to lead a life of severe guilt!