Cristina and Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 has been pretty mediocre so far – not one episode has been gripping or held my attention for long. However last night when catching up on the last 3 episodes that we had missed out – two scenes from episode 5 stayed with me.

I get Cristina – I always have. Many of you may not – but I do. She is my favourite character in the series. She often speaks out loud what most of us women don’t want to hear even though we know she is right; such as this scene when she reasons out with Meredith why she did not give her the surgery.


But for first time while watching this series I loved Meredith’s response – and I get her too.


She is right – the reason we stop connecting with folks we thought were once friends  is this one simple fact :

“You don’t have time for me now because you don’t have time for people who want things that you don’t want”


Malvani Crab Masala


The Shift


  1. Ashutosh Garud

    No clue about this……… :((

    • Nice medical drama – quite gripping till season 6 – then began to fade away. Excellent characters and some pretty strong female characters there:)

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