21 Again

Is it already a month yesterday? Do you know when one-month anniversaries get importance? When you are dating the first time and experiencing the feeling of being in love, when you are newly married, when your baby is born, when you get your first job and the first salary arrives. The first ‘month’ anniversaries are… Continue reading »


Cricket Mania

You do know by now about my love for cricket. The World Cup has started and I could be on and off this space until 2Apr2011. I’m not going to be totally switched off from here but the posts could get sporadic – so forgive me if you can! If you love cricket and want… Continue reading »


Ask Ayaz

Wanted to ask Ayaz Memon a few cricket questions? Wondering how to go about it? Go to my cricket blog now and you will get your answers! RUSH…..


Cricket Podcasts with Ayaz Memon

Read about it here. Listen to the first podcast in the series here Continue to follow my cricket colla-blog ‘The Corridor of Certainty’. Follow us on twitter @TheCofC and on our Facebook Page for more updates.


The latest on “The Corridor of Certainty”

Hey folks I hope you have visited my new colla-blog / site on cricket by now, if not rush over quick to the “The Corridor of Certainty” We have just got started – here are a couple of posts up on the site. Do read and let us know. In the “We Miss” section –… Continue reading »


The Cricket Stops Here…

I’ve written on my first love on this blog since I first started blogging in 2005. Well that has got to stop now …. I’m not ending my cricket writing , in fact I’m hoping that you all will be entertained with even more variety and some of the best write-ups on the game. My… Continue reading »



Circa – 1989 India Vs Pakistan. The little boy wonder, all of 16 at the crease in Sialkot – final test – India looking to seek a draw. Knocked out by a bouncer, shirt full of blood, refused medical assistance and hit a solid 57. In the process along with Sidhu, helped India draw a… Continue reading »


The cancer returns?

April 2000 was a black month in the history of cricket. The Hansie Cronje confession shook the foundation of the “gentleman’s game”. The spirit had been infected with greed. Few more names surfaced-Azhar, Jadeja, Salim Mallik, Gibbs, Boje. Pakistani cricketers of the likes of Wasim, Waqar, Inzamam, Anwar were warned. Life bans, endless investigations, court-room… Continue reading »


Random Cricket Conundrums – Answers Anyone?

Why are people trying to analyze the “Sehwag” phenomenon? I would advise them DON’T BOTHER! If he could be explained he would not be Sehwag. Why do television channels still have Charu Sharma and Manish Valicha as cricket anchors? Once you have convinced me on the above,  can you try the impossible ? Explain to… Continue reading »


Say a little prayer for you…

Over the last 3 weeks, we cricket geeks ( Definition: fans who love tests over ODIs and T20s) have been praying – silently ,vehemently and albeit very loudly that the boredom that had set in thanks to the first 2 tests between Ind-SL needed a miraculous recovery for us fans to retain our interest in… Continue reading »

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