Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta

I rarely identify with serials and film romances – they are great to watch but they don’t often translate into real life especially if you are as practical as I’ve been in life. Don’t get me wrong – I fell in love and got married that too quite early – a shock that my family… Continue reading »


What’s my TRP?

I’m a complete TV buff. I know loads of people who consider watching TV as a complete waste of time. They raise their eyebrows when I tell them that I can spend an entire day in front of the idiot box , surfing channels and not doing anything else! I don’t mind a day like… Continue reading »


Dance With Me…

When I saw the promos and the concept I wasn’t really kicked about viewing this show. In fact, with an overdose of reality shows who really cared about celebrities dancing? No real career dreams to chase, no points to gain, and nothing to prove. Apparently the producers must have had something in mind to go… Continue reading »



I wrote the previous piece on 27th, many things have happened since, blast on the Shramjeevi Express, Maharashtra still facing its worst downpour, Konkan has collapsed, Railway tracks and Highways under water, Mumbai is still facing the aftermath of the torrential rains that hit the city on 26th July, and in times like this Ganguly’s… Continue reading »


Kaal Spoof

Whenever possible I catch ‘The Great Indian Comedy Show’. It’s nothing compared to its counterparts in the West but I think it’s quite a hit on the Indian Television. The ensemble of the cast is quite good. Some jokes are really silly and stupid but some are neat too. If you appreciate PJs, you would… Continue reading »