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A Touching Story

I started blogging way back in 2005. I took a hiatus for 3 years and came back to blogging in 2009. I still don’t blog as frequently as I would like to; but atleast I’m keeping it going. Thanks to blogging, I got introduced to some fine writers and their blogs. I still follow the blogs that I first encountered in my early blogging days. Most bloggers have become infrequent but when they do post they share some lovely stories.

Manjula Padmnabhan is a famous writer – I’ve not read her books yet but I follow her blog YES religiously till date. She shares some amazing tales and I had to share this with you all, not through twitter or facebook but through my blog.

You must read this lovely story about love. You must. I began my day reading this touching story about a 20 year-old and his loving family. I wonder why we search for inspiration from our idols  when the common man around us can teach us so much more.

Read this and pass it on.

Against All Odds, A Beautiful Life

Women at TOP

Most of my online reading is via blogs on my Google Reader. I rarely visit websites especially news websites. I know I must do it but the reading list is so exhaustive that I don’t find the time. To me interesting links and articles are shared on blogs and twitter so my Google Reader and Twitter lists are my preferred sources.

As I was clearing up my reader list I came across this article and I had to share it – on my twitter and my blog.

I’m a part of the corporate world and I know how tough it is for women to make it to the top without being scrutinized and gossiped about. My career is still taking shape and by God’s grace; despite a couple of hiccups and lows, is on track – pretty much what I expected it to be at when I would hit 30. I do get pretty awed by the success of 20+ somethings cause they have been minting billions at an age when I earned my first thousands:-) So for these GenX successes a big respect.

These days people taste success too soon with minimal effort, but when I come across articles like the one above, it makes me realize that to enjoy the real taste of success you have to have your share of hardships and failures and you need not start young.

Read their stories – some lost parents and spouses at young age, started with clerical jobs , fought for their education rights and against cultural taboos, some went to the best institutes in the world but did extra-day jobs to fund themselves while studying, you will learn from each of them. Most had a family member that they looked upto and was their guiding force. They have not forgotten their roots and most have taken up initiatives to give back to society. They all had foresights and dreamt big, thought different, challenged the system, had long term visions and worked towards their goal. And while achieving all this success, they managed to balance it out – be a mum, be a wife, be a daughter, be a sister.

To the Top 50 Alpha Women in the Corporate World take a bow, a special one to the 6 Indian ladies who made it to the list and and a bigger one to my favourite Indra Nooyi who heads the list.

When you read their stories, the corporate world does not seem that big a villain in your lifeSmile

Cupcakes or Games?

Creativity at its best!
Have your game and eat it too:-) Robin Dahlberg is a genius
Mommies on my list are gonna love this – planning one for your awesome kiddos?

Swine Flu and Aids – The Irony!

I really liked this forward I received in my inbox today. The pic says it all – I’ll keep mum for a change


Me = 3.78 Earth:-((

Here is an interesting link that my friend has put up on her blog. I’ve got in touch with her ages after we left school. She is a research scientist who puts up some unusual science and technology discoveries/inventions on her blog. If you are looking for some intellectual fodder, hers is the blog to visit!

Though I don’t comment often on her blog, every article she puts up enriches your knowledge and here is one person who really cares about Planet Earth.

So I thought I’d take this quiz up and try alter my lifestyle to do my bit. Apparently I’m not yet doing my bit practically. This is not a good score:-(((((((
I suggest you all try it out.

Smile a lot and spread it even more

If this does not bring a smile to your face, you are not normal;-))

Imagine waking up in the morning, dreading to go through the daily routine of work and this is what you are treated to at 8.00 a.m. at the station. I’d die to see this happen to me atleast once in this lifetime!

200 dancers brought the world alive with their phenomenal performance at Central Antwerp Station – Belgium. After I googled I learnt it was a promotional stunt for a Belgium Show.
But, If I ever get to see such an act here in Dubai, I’ll be the first to join. Dance and Music brings such joy and happiness. Just see the reactions of all the people at the station and see how many joined in impromptu!!

Special, lovely, just made my day, week, month, year and lots more years of the life!

Do spread the joy around, the world needs it!
P.S: Special thanks to my friend who shared it with me on FB

How Ruthless Are We?

Arriving late for any ceremony or function in this country is apparently showing off one’s importance. Surely not at this cost!

We make young school kids stand in the sun for more than three hours without food, without water, in the scorching heat of Kanpur? How incessantly careless and negligent are we?

And these inhuman excuses are not acceptable:

  • District magistrate Deepak Kumar said, “No one could have anticipated this. The organisers are human, too; they are bound to make mistakes.” He has ordered a probe
  • After Amar Singh and Jaya Prada came to know about the children, they rushed to the hospital and, with people watching, asked the doctors to “ensure proper treatment”.“We had other programmes to attend and got delayed,” Singh explained.

Apparently have they not heard about prevention being better than cure. They must have had cell phones and therefore, could have contacted the organizers explaining them their delay. The organizers could have organized for some biscuits and water, the basic things and easily available, for these students.

What further depths will we plunge to? And will anyone ever take any accountability for such tragic events?

Flying is No Longer a Dream

After a tiring, tiring weekend, when I finally caught on some TV yesterday night, I was touched by an Air Deccan Ad Film. It did not have any well-known faces (If famous in south I’m not sure). A simple story told through touching moments, simple people, their dreams, chasing the impossible and finally making it happen.

The little boy is such a natural, someone whom you find if you look outside your window. He loves aeroplanes. He lives in a small village where there are no fancy toys, and therefore he holds onto a picture of the plane on a matchstick box close to him wherever he goes.

His father observes his love and builds him a toy plane. Years go by and the father receives an air-plane ticket from his son. He a simpleton from village had never even dreamt of flying in a plane. The whole village is buzzing with the news, and help the old man pack for his flight. At the airport baggage check, the scanner reveals the toy plane that he had made for his little boy which he is carrying to gift him; it brings a smile on the face of the officials.

High on sentiments, but simple in their message “Today flying is just not a dream but a reality for all”
Message conveyed and accepted 🙂

Go here and catch the timings when you can view “The old man and the sky

Show me the Money…

You thought poaching the ‘specialized personnel’ happened only in the corporate world???
For this kind of money I wish I had specialized in soccer 😉

Weirdos from our planet…

Browsing through many newspaper sites, one comes across some real weird news. For today’s dose:

P.S.: Nothing to do with the title of this blog. But wished you were here in the early hours of today’s morning?

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