Gender Bias?:-)

As much I want to write a post a day I am not able to find the time:-( When your mind is blank and wondering what to write on, I come across little saviours – Tags! As the brains are not working, these interesting bits zooming past in the blog world help you get out… Continue reading »


Tag Along

Sagarika – my new friend in the blogworld whose writing I’m becoming a huge fan of, asked me to do this tag. I don’t refuse tags unless I’m dead buried in my offline world. I’m currently but this seemed a nice break to take my mind of a few things! So here goes. Rules Go… Continue reading »


Wishing and Hoping…My Bucket List

Starry-eyed how can I not take up a ‘tag’ from you. Her blog is one of my favourites – for her simplicity, straight from the heart talk, for the stuff she has done in her personal and professional life ( I dream of it – someday I hope I can!). So here goes my bucket… Continue reading »


Wedding Limerick Tag

I think I’m becoming a big sucker for these blogworld tags! I came across this one on Average Jane’s blog and had to take it up since it evoked so many lovely memories. The ‘name taking’ ceremony is a huge and important part of the wedding rituals in a Maharashtrian Wedding. It all started because… Continue reading »


The Second One

From Starry Eyed… Sands had tagged me first hence most questions here! But I simply cannot not do the tag again when a wonderful blogger thinks you are worthy of an award!!! Starry Eyed Thanks a ton!! It’s an honour. So although late ( I was on a vacation in Mumbai for a wedding) I… Continue reading »


The First One…

Sands sent me this one and I’m flattered! Absolutely flattered. I’ve known her for a month now only through her blog. I like her blog simply cause she writes straight from the heart, a quality I immensely admire! Also she has opinions surprisingly very similar to mine. Keep the great work Sands and I do… Continue reading »


Q & A

I think I’m getting addicted to this Tagging business. Nevertheless it’s fun. There are couple more to come but we will leave it for some other day! Here is one I chanced on at Reema’s Blog 1. Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? A:… Continue reading »


Food for Thought

Here is a meme I came by at Sands’ blog. For the original tag you need to go to Nupur’s blog and pick it up from there. I thought it was a very interesting tag since I’ve developed a fetish for cooking and food post my move to Dubai. I suggest all of you give… Continue reading »


20 random quirks

It has been 3 years of expat life in Dubai! Although I would have loved to be a regular on my blog I could not, as I was adjusting to a new life and a whole new world of responsibilities!So blogging took a backseat and I’m not going to promise that I shall be regular… Continue reading »