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Gender Bias?:-)

As much I want to write a post a day I am not able to find the time:-( When your mind is blank and wondering what to write on, I come across little saviours – Tags! As the brains are not working, these interesting bits zooming past in the blog world help you get out of your hibernation and stagnation!

Saw this interesting tag on IHM, Starry and Suranga’s blogs and had to take it up!

So here are the 10 things I have done which my gender is not supposed to.

1. The first one I guess is obvious – my first love – CRICKET! ‘Hell you do know the game, so you understand what a square cut is, you can actually identify the fielding positions, you can differentiate between spin and swing?’ And on this blog many a times – “Did not know a girl /lady was writing on cricket!” I can challenge, argue and beat most guys when it comes to the knowledge of this game. Yeah modesty on this front is not exactly my forte;-)

The one person who has benefitted the most – MDH. There is never an argument on what to watch on TV when a match is on!

2. I can fix electronic items well – I was an expert at mending VCRs as a kid. I can also change fuse bulbs and tubelights – did that often at home:-)

3. I can be a complete couch potato. I can watch TV for hours lying on my couch without feeling guilty or ashamed of having wasted my time.

4. I’ve rolled down the window of my car and hurled abuses at idiots who tried to act smart on the road – I landed up scaring my friends instead!

5. I can be extremely mean and sarcastic and always have a practical/logical view point to all things 🙂

6. I love going shopping ALONE.

7. I love superhero movies, cartoons and comics. X-Men, Batman, Superman, Star Trek , Heroes, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Transformers – all of them – love them all!

8. I love bikes, I love two-wheelers. I could never own one thanks to being in Mumbai. My parents were petrified of the traffic and I was not allowed to drive one! I made full use of my vacations in Pune – I loved going out on bike-rides!

9. I don’t blush easily – or rather not at all. My first kathak teacher once told my mom – she is a lovely dancer, very graceful but please teach her to blush or feel shy! How will she do the Radha-Krishna dance if she cannot express shyness. My Vahini( sis-in-law) on my engagement and wedding day, “Minu atleast now we need to see how you look when you blush”

10. My best friends from my engineering days are guys! They know me too well. We can talk nonsense – utter nonsense with each other – even today. When I need serious advice or solace I know I can trouble them at any time of the day.  Post heart-breaks, post marriages, post kids – It amazes me how pure, simple, fun and honest our friendship remains till date.


Honestly I’m just feeling lazy to tag individuals, so will keep the tag open for everyone who reads this – do take it up!

Tag Along

Sagarika – my new friend in the blogworld whose writing I’m becoming a huge fan of, asked me to do this tag. I don’t refuse tags unless I’m dead buried in my offline world. I’m currently but this seemed a nice break to take my mind of a few things! So here goes.

Rules Go Like These ——-
RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent
Ever told a lie? Guilty
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty
Kissed a picture? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty
Held a snake? Innocent
Been suspended from school? Innocent
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent
Stolen from a store? Innocent
Been fired from a job? Innocent
Done something you regret? Guilty
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?Guilty
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent
Kissed in the rain? Guilty
Sat on a roof top? Guilty
Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent
Sang in the shower? Guilty
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent
Shaved your head? Innocent
Had a boxing membership? Innocent
Made a girlfriend cry? Guilty
Been in a band? Innocent
Shot a gun? Innocent
Donated Blood? Innocent
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent
Eaten cheesecake? Innocent
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Innocent
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty
Been too honest? Guilty (Always and never learn!!!)
Ruined a surprise? Guilty
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Guilty
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty
Joined a pageant? Innocent
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty
Had communication with your ex? Innocent
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty

Done! As for my part I tag some fine ladies in the blogworld and whose blogs I thoroughly enjoy! Hope some of them come back from their hiatus with this:-)

Starry, PNA, Suranga,Indyeah, Solilo, IHM,Richa,D,Nova,Sands,MIM,Poonam, and AJ

Wishing and Hoping…My Bucket List

Starry-eyed how can I not take up a ‘tag’ from you. Her blog is one of my favourites – for her simplicity, straight from the heart talk, for the stuff she has done in her personal and professional life ( I dream of it – someday I hope I can!).

So here goes my bucket list:

To do:

  1. Spend the last chapter of my life doing social service for kids – teaching or funding their education. No child deserves to lose the right to his/her education, no matter what the circumstances. If we educate them, we educate our next generation.
  2. Build my own library – Books, music and movies. A must have. I’ve laid the first brick of its foundation.
  3. Start a nice homely restaurant. A small one – no branches & no expansion. One that serves your simple home made delicacies, the original recipes of my family – grand mom, mom, mom-in-law, sisters and aunts.
  4. Retire at 50 in Goa. I want that dream house so badly – a small bunglow by the beach. Spend the rest of the life hassle-free amidst nature with my adorable GUY.
  5. Have kids – Yes it is a must in life. That little one changes everything about your life – it is much needed.
  6. Adopt – I want one of my own and adopt another. I so do believe in it.
  7. Travel – Europe, USA, NZ, Australia, HK, Bali, Maldives, Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya. I’ve made plans and cancelled them but I need to visit these places before I retire. The beauty of earth needs to be explored not just watched in photographs
  8. Catch a cricket match live @
    a. Lord’s – England
    b. Sydney Cricket Ground – Australia
    c. Johannesburg – South Africa
    d. Eden Gardens – Kolkatta, India
    e. Chepauk – Chennai, India
  9. Start our own venture. Be my own boss and keep my company clear of the “corporate culture”. How, when, what, why – no answers found yet –hence no action taken!
  10. Try and learn the maximum I can – Cooking classes, Creative writing, Reiki, Classical Dancing, Salsa, till the day I breathe my last
  11. Publish my recipe book – I’ve inherited it from my granny and mother, I do a good job of it!
  12. Own a cricket column in a magazine or newspaper – Wishful thinking I know, but what the heck!

The journey so far:

  1. I’ve been a good daughter to my parents – It’s the most satisfying feeling.
  2. I take pride in my friendships – The ones I’ve nurtured and built.I’ve been true and loyal to each one and loved each one dearly,I still do.
  3. Together with MDH, we both have not let my mom or in-laws struggle again in life – Their smile of content and hearts swelling with pride are priceless and remain my most treasured possessions.
  4. Been a good mentor to my younger cousins, nieces and the next gen. I feel proud and happy when they seek my advice; even more when their parents set my example before them. The kiddos hate and love me at the same time:)
  5. Had my cricket articles published on the internet and newspapers, made it through ‘Harsha ki Khoj’ – Small things that maybe inconsequential when compared to achievements of others but, they still make me beam with pride.
  6. Did a fair job at my studies and career, made it to the best colleges and to the best companies – Fairly happy about that.
  7. Never thought I’d get back to dancing after I quit grad school – I’m proud I gave my first Kathak Performance last month. I gave Bharatnatyam performances on national TV at aged 6 and 9. I was the youngest in my batch then; I still regret the fact that I never pursued dance seriously.
  8. Got my Driving License in Dubai a year before MDH got his. Drove him around – played the official chauffer without complaints; he was so proud of me. I still continue to be the official chauffer for my wonderful ‘Girl Gang’ here! Always wanted to own a SUV since I stepped into Dubai. Our first car is my big baby – my mini-dream come true.
  9. MDH and I’ve done our small bit in helping a friend achieve his dream. His journey has just begun but every little achievement of his makes us proud – It’s like we are living his dream! I hope one day he will make the world his own.
  10. Got a chance to interact with my only idol till date thanks to MDH – I’ve still preserved his mail in my inbox.
  11. I’ve been extremely clear about the principles I’ve been brought up with, no conflicts there ever. I have never compromised on them and I know that sticking to them will pay-off, may be a little late but it will. Ethics come first, everything else follows.
  12. My inner strength amazes me every time I’m shaken up. I have realized that I’m bloody strong & independent – that confidence helps me tackle anything and everything that I face in life.
P.S: Some amazing bucket lists from some terriffic bloggers I’ve met recently:

Wedding Limerick Tag

I think I’m becoming a big sucker for these blogworld tags! I came across this one on Average Jane’s blog and had to take it up since it evoked so many lovely memories.

The ‘name taking’ ceremony is a huge and important part of the wedding rituals in a Maharashtrian Wedding. It all started because in yesteryears women never called their husbands by their first name. The husbands would be addressed as ‘Aho’ which means the same as ‘ Aap’ in Hindi. I cannot translate in English because such a tense does not exist in this language!

So the only time one got to address their husband with a first name was through this ‘ name taking’ ceremony. The name had to be taken in a limerick which is known as ‘Ukhana’ in Marathi. This has now become a traditional must at all Marathi weddings.

Creativity is not my forte and hence I did not take the risk of making a fool of myself in front of ten thousand relatives by composing one of my own. Plus I have a husband who writes such wonderful poems that will put many to a shame! So who would want to compete with him!

I borrowed some from my cousin sisters and here is what I churned out. The third one almost had my aunts and sisters banging their heads! The English translations won’t exactly sound the best so get hold of your Maharashtrian friends to read them out to you!

“Chandichya samaila sonyachi vaat
(A) che naav gheun karte jevayalaa survaat”

(The silver lamp had a golden wick, I take A’s name to begin my lunch with)

“Ratnagiriche Aambe ani Goache Kaju
(A) che naav ghayla me kashyala laju”

(Mangoes from Ratnagiri and Cashewnuts from Goa, To say A’s name why should I feel shy)

“Ek hoti Chiu, Ek hota Kau
(A) che naav ghete, doka naka khau”

(Once there was a sparrow, once there was a crow, I’m taking A’s name, so don’t eat my head anymore)

I thought I could give it a shot and here’s is what I came up with today:

Knowing how much I love cricket,
He was the only one to get my wicket,
Neither knew how the playing track would be,
But the partnership is still going strong and approaching 5 years of being together with thee ( i.e MDH)

Before I leave – I had to share MDH’s original compositions as well, yeah I know who the better one is:-)

The first inspired from my participation and selection for ‘Harsha Ki Khoj’ competition – city rounds.

“Shodh shodh shodhile, shevti jhale prayatna safal
Aho, Harsha chi Khoj kasli hi tar majhi Khoj Minal”

(I searched and searched, finally my efforts paid off, who said she is ‘Harsha ki Khoj’, she is my Khoj( discovery) Minal)

‘Talpatya unhat savli sheetal,
Ashyach eka kshani mala sapadli Minal”

(In the scorching heat, there is a soothing shade, in a similar moment I found Minal)

Average Jane thanks so much for this tag and I’m now tagging Sujatha, Starry Eyed, and Poonam. All those who read this are also tagged!

The Second One

From Starry Eyed…

loveblogaward one_lovely_blog

Sands had tagged me first hence most questions here! But I simply cannot not do the tag again when a wonderful blogger thinks you are worthy of an award!!! Starry Eyed Thanks a ton!! It’s an honour.

So although late ( I was on a vacation in Mumbai for a wedding) I had to complete it! Hence I’ve picked up some questions not in the earlier one and entered my responses here!

What do you think about the person who tagged you?

This is for Starry Eyed  – I think she is a terrific mother and my inspiration for the one wish I’ve shared with her!

What’s the principle you live life by?

If I did not get it I did not deserve it, If I have got it I have bloody well earned it!

Which is your favourite poem?

I am not a poetry freak and even if it sounds clichéd this one inspires me time and again- “IF” by Rudyard Kipling

Which feature of yours do you like the most?

The dimple on my left cheek:-))

The First One…

Sands sent me this one and I’m flattered! Absolutely flattered. I’ve known her for a month now only through her blog. I like her blog simply cause she writes straight from the heart, a quality I immensely admire! Also she has opinions surprisingly very similar to mine.

Keep the great work Sands and I do not have words to thank you for this one!

one_lovely_blog loveblogaward

This is my first one in the blogging world. It’s a great boost after coming back to this space after a hiatus of 3 years from the blogging world!

So now I must complete what is expected as a recipient of this award.

And here is the tag that goes with the award…

1. What is your current obsession?
Cooking (Especially making breakfast), Reading interesting blogs and blogging, Writing Tags on Blogs and FB, Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma (The games are stupid but addictive) and My Papa’s Princess’s Wedding in August.

2. What are you wearing today?
My office formals

3. What’s for dinner?
Aloo Palak & Roti

4. What’s the last thing you bought?
Fuel for my car yesterday evening!

5. What are you listening to right now?
Arziyaan from Delhi-6. The song is soothing

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
She is super awesome( The phrase is borrowed from another friend I made last week – She too is Super Awesome). I get to know bits and pieces of her every day from her blog. I hope I get to meet her someday and btw she has lovely eyes – See the bride tag on her blog!

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
London, UK. I am absolutely in love with that place.

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?
Sleeveless tops, cotton kurtas, shorts, linen skirts, my slip-ons, glares and deodorants

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
To Mumbai, our princess is getting married, her wedding preps on in full swing and I so want to be there soon!

10. Which language do you want to learn?
German – Completed Level 1 at Max Mueller and never continued it:-(

Tamil – I have a decent collection of A R Rahman original Tamil songs. I’ve seen Kandukondain Kandukondain, Thevar Magan and Anjali in Tamil with English Sub-titles and loved them in their original form.

11. What’s your favourite quote?
Win as if you were used to it. Lose as if you enjoyed it for a change – Ralph Waldo Emerson

12. Who do you want to meet right now?
If God would permit – My Papa

13. What is your favourite colour?
Two – Blue and White (Most of my wardrobe comes in these 2 colours)

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?
A lovely white kurta mixed ‘n matched with blue chudidaar and crushed chunni!

15. What is your dream job?
Exactly what he does. I tried in 2004 for this but as luck would have it, I did not get past the city rounds:-(

16. What’s your favourite magazine?
None at present – do my reading online!

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
That is almost AED 400 – On some nice SIA Jewellery to go with my new Saree for our princess’s pre-wedding party!

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
I’ll borrow this from Sands since she summed up my feelings to a tee – “Wearing clothes that don’t suit you even if it is the latest craze.”

19. Who are your style icons?
My friends – They have an excellent dressing sense

20. Describe your personal style.?
Whatever I’m comfortable in and makes me look good;-)

21. What are you going to do after this?

22. What are your favourite movies?
Too many to list but will list some


DDLJ, Andaz Apna Apna, DCH, Lagaan, Chak De, MunnaBhai Series, Chup Chup Ke, Golmaal (old one), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Masoom, Sita Aur Gita, Mr. India, KHNH (sentimental value – MDH told me the story was all about me! So how can it not be on my favourite list). KKHH (Only only for Kajol), BluffMaster etc….


A Few Good Men, Ocean’s Eleven, Transformers, The Incredibles, Catch Me If you Can, The Hangover, Speed, A walk in the clouds, All HP Films, Lord of the Rings, All Superhero films, Little Miss Sunshine


Anjali, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Thevar Magan,

24. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can’t live without?
Olay Day and Night Cream, Revlon Lipstick, & Dior Perfume

23. What inspires you?
Super –achievers, out of the box thinkers, exceptions to the norm! People who dare to question and stand firm when they are right no matter what!

24. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?
If I have the time I go shop, else I mix ‘n match and produce something not tried before!

25. Coffee or tea?
Both. Coffee in morning and tea in evening

26. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?
MDH and S (My Rock of Gibraltar) are at the receiving end. Talking to them helps me get back to normal

27. What is the meaning of your name?
I’m not so sure. Some books say it means small fish while a Sanskrit dictionary I have says it’s a precious gem.

It was given to me so that it rhymed with my cousin sister’s name( She too was an only child like me!). I don’t think her or my parents gave it too much of thought in terms of the meaning!

28. Which other blogs you love visiting?
Check my blogroll and bloglines listing – You’ll find the answer there.

29. Favourite Dessert/Sweet?
Triple Dare Chocolate Cake from Coco’s – Dubai It is delicious.

30. Favourite Season ?
Winter here in Dubai

31. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
Sad that it is Shravan and I cannot make my famous cheese omlette or egg bhurji if you decide to drop in suddenly, if you give me time I would’ve cooked my famous Prawns Green Masala & Chicken Curry with Roti and Fried Rice

Since it’s Shravan and I’m a Veggie: Quick Fix – Thikhat Shira/ Beetroot Cutlets. If told well in advance – Palak paneer, paratha, cauliflower-potato-green peas-kala masala veggie, dal fry and rice

32) What’s your current mood?
Restless – can’t wait to get to Mumbai!

33) What’s your sun sign?

34) If you get to be one person(alive) for a day whom would you choose

Indra Nooyi. I would love to know what it is like to be a CEO of such a huge MNC!

35) If you could travel back in time where would you like to go?

To the time of Shivaji Maharaj and follow his and his mavlas achievements– Maratha history always always fascinated me!

The rules are:
Respond and rework – Answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, and add one more question of your own.Then tag eight or ten other set of people.
I would like to share these awards and tag these wonderful bloggers:

Absolute Lee, Sujatha, Mary, Sunil, Uma, Aditi, Radiance, Sakshi, Shoefiend, Megha.

P.S: I’d award Sands again but the tag says “öther set” set of people:-( Sands nevertheless – the award again to you from me:-)

Q & A

I think I’m getting addicted to this Tagging business. Nevertheless it’s fun. There are couple more to come but we will leave it for some other day!

Here is one I chanced on at Reema’s Blog

    1. Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

    A: I’m so sleepy!

    2. Q: How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?

    A: AED 600

    3. Q: What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?

    A: Roar

    4. Q: What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?

    A: The Harry Potter Theme

    5. Q: Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?

    A: There are only 2, one is MDH other is Mom(I just changed my phone yesterday)

    6. Q: What are you wearing right now?

    A: Apart from my formal office wear – my favourite Prada specs!

    7. Q: Do you label yourself?

    A: No, I don’t like to give people an inferiority complex;-)

    8. Q: Name the brand of the shoes you currently own?

    A: Formal – Catwalk, Casual – Pepper Tree , Vinci , Viss, Lush, Sports – Reebok

    9. Q: Bright or Dark Room?

    A: Bright! I’m shit scared of dark!

    10. Q: What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?

    A: I don’t know, I just chanced on her blog two days back. Of the first impression – interesting!

    11. Q: What does your watch look like?

    A: It’s a Longines – Round dial – Silver (MDH’s anniv gift)

    12. Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?

    A: Sleeping peacefully!

    13. Q: What did your last text message you received on your cell say?

    A: Message from my friend “yes me /mean agreed” after I wrote “you are mean” . Well we both are two of the same kind!

    14. Q: What’s a word that you say a lot?

    A: Crap

    15. Q: Who told you he/she loved you last? (Please exclude spouse, family, children)

    A: My school friend

    16. Q: Last furry thing you touched?

    A: My tiger Jennie and her cub –gabbar

    17. Q: Favorite age you have been so far?

    A: Age 15 – last year of school and it was special and fun. Life was so much less complicated.

    18. Q: What was the last thing you said to someone?

    A: ‘Take care’ to my bestest friend in USA after a 45 mins conversation!

    19. Q: The last song you listened to?

    A: Am listening to Chor Bazaari (the whole day today!)

    20. Q: Where did you live in 1987?

    A: At Worli, Mumbai

    21. Q: Are you jealous of anyone?

    A: Tons of people (Come on, I am human after all!)– in an admiring way!

    22. Q: Is anyone jealous of you?

    A: Yes for sure!

    23. Q: Name three things that you have on you at all times?

    A: My sarcasm, my wallet & my house-car keys

    24. Q: What’s your favorite town/city?

    A: Mumbai – Any doubts?

    25. Q: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?

    A: In 2000, to my cousin brother – he was my only pen pal. (He passed away in 2001- I still have all the letters he wrote to me)

    26. Q: Can you change the oil on a car?

    A: Nope

    27. Q: Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?

    A: No idea

    28. Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?

    A: Yes, my neck and back!

    29. Q: What is your current desktop picture?

    A: My company’s official wall paper

    30. Q: Have you been burnt by love?

    A : Never

Food for Thought

Here is a meme I came by at Sands’ blog. For the original tag you need to go to Nupur’s blog and pick it up from there. I thought it was a very interesting tag since I’ve developed a fetish for cooking and food post my move to Dubai. I suggest all of you give it a shot, I had great fun doing this tag!

So here goes, the gist of the tag is as follows…

  • Copy the entire list, along with these instructions, into your blog post
  • Bold the foods that you have tried
  • Strike out the foods you would never try
  • Tell us your score in the comments
  • If you wish to, make your own list or add to this one.

So here is Nupur’s 100 with my scores!

  1. Ripe mangoes
  2. Curd rice
  3. Chaat
  4. Phulka
  5. Puran poli
  6. Boiled Peanuts
  7. Samosa
  8. Stuffed baby eggplants – Tried as kid ( no choice right!), can’t have it now!
  9. Aviyal
  10. Stuffed paratha
  11. Masala chai
  12. Tirphal
  13. Murukku
  14. Curry leaves
  15. Banana chips fried in coconut oil
  16. Jaggery
  17. Vada pav
  18. Tender coconut water
  19. Paneer
  20. Madras filter coffee
  21. Boondi laddoo
  22. Boondi raita
  23. Navratan korma
  24. Kokum
  25. Masala peanuts
  26. A home-cooked Indian vegetarian meal
  27. Sugarcane juice
  28. Sabudana/sago in any form
  29. Horsegram
  30. Maggi noodles
  31. Podi with rice and ghee
  32. Roomali roti
  33. Bitter gourd
  34. Nylon sev
  35. Vegetable biryani
  36. Thali at a restaurant
  37. Plantain flower – Cooked in my house, but will not try it!
  38. Undhiyu
  39. Nimbu pani
  40. Papad
  41. Kotthu parotta
  42. Panch phoran
  43. Drumsticks
  44. Indian “French toast”
  45. Sarson ka saag(Find it too filmy to eat along with gajar ka halwa, hindi films have abused these two items!!)
  46. Bhakri
  47. Pav bhaji
  48. Sitaphal – The one fruit you can make me try
  49. Glucose biscuits
  50. Sprouts
  51. Chole-bhature
  52. Amla
  53. Tomato “omelet”
  54. A wedding feast
  55. Grilled corn on the cob with lemon juice, salt and chilli powder – (That’s bliss! To be had in rainy season walking along the beach or my favourite Worli Sea-face)
  56. Cadbury’s fruit and nut chocolateTried do not like, plain is the best!
  57. Sai bhaji
  58. SolkadiTried do not like – yeah call me crazy!
  59. Indian-Chinese meal
  60. Jalebi
  61. Black forest cake
  62. Bharwa bhindi
  63. Kashmiri saffron
  64. Misal
  65. Ripe jackfruit
  66. Idli-chutney
  67. ‘Tadgola’
  68. Bhut jolokia
  69. Baby mango pickle
  70. Meal off a banana leaf
  71. Falooda
  72. Moong khichdi
  73. Bebinca
  74. Daal baati
  75. Methi greens
  76. Basundi
  77. Gunpowder
  78. Appam-stew
  79. Sweet lemon pickle
  80. Ridge gourd
  81. Bisi bele bhath
  82. Coconut burfi
  83. Caramel custard
  84. Thecha
  85. Rasam
  86. Baingan bharta
  87. Mysore pak
  88. Punjabi wadi
  89. Chhunda – Sweet Mango pickle.
  90. Dal makhani
  91. Paper dosa
  92. Gongura
  93. Hand-churned butterMalai never but homemade ghee I don’t need anything more with it! Yummy
  94. Pakoda All kinds anytime!
  95. Curd chillies
  96. Mustard oil
  97. Fresh cashewsThis is my all-time favourite veggie dish beats all non-veg dishes hands down
  98. Tomato pickleI don’t like tomatoes! Only use them when forced to!
  99. Rajma-chawal Tried but won’t eat anymore
  100. Chaas

Score – 80%. I’m rather impressed with myself knowing how fussy I’m with my food habits! I’m more of a non-veg freak than veg hence the score surprises me. It’s like getting a century when you were expecting a duck!

Well here are some more I thought I would add to the list above: ( Just realized that listing foods can be an endless exercise – now waiting for more from some of you folks out there)
1) Pithla
2) Khaman Dhokla
3) Kachori
4) Onion Uttapam
5) Kanda Poha
6) Poori Bhaji
7) Aaloo Bonda
8) Kothimbir Wadi
9) Aaluchi Wadi
10) Ragda Pattice
11) Dahi Bhalla
12) Pachadi
13) Tikhat Shira
14) God Shira
15) Kala Vatana usal ( Black peas curry)
16) Kale Vaal Usal
17) Malida
18) Varan Bhaat
19) Molten Lava – Chilli’s
20) Coco’s Triple Dare Cake
21) World Class Chocolate – Baskin Robbins

20 random quirks

It has been 3 years of expat life in Dubai! Although I would have loved to be a regular on my blog I could not, as I was adjusting to a new life and a whole new world of responsibilities!
So blogging took a backseat and I’m not going to promise that I shall be regular at it but I will try again:-)

This is inspired from the “25 not so random things about me”! Over the last few years in my transition from a protected only-child to a wife balancing work and home, I’ve developed a few quirks (‘MDH’ a.k.a. ‘My Dear Husband ’ almost treats them as my OCDs). Anyone who empathizes or sees any similarity is free to take up this tag “20 random quirks” and pass it around

1. I cannot stand a dirty kitchen and a sink with overflowing to-be-washed vessels. I need to clean it up before I sleep every single night, even if it takes me 11.00, 12.00 or 1.00 in the night!

2. My tolerance levels for dishelved wardrobe lasts for 5 days max, it needs to be set in order on the weekend, before the next work-week begins.

3. I hate grocery shopping, if you ask me how the prices of onions or tomatoes or potatoes or any other vegetables compare in Dubai to that in Mumbai I do not know and I do not care

4. I thank the creator of “Home Delivery”. Only after coming to Dubai did I realize that lemons and coriander could be home delivered for as minimum as an amount of AED 1/-

5. I dread cleaning up non-veg stuff a la fish, prawns, meat but the time I enjoy in my kitchen is when I cook these non-veg dishes

6. I get absolutely bored cooking any vegetarian meals, snacks work fine!

7. I hate giving my clothes for ironing to the laundry. I have to iron them and I’ve often re-ironed them even though they had come back from the laundry.

8. I have switched off from tech gadgets like mobile phones, playstations, blackberry etc. I use them for their basic functionalities alone!

9. Everytime I redo my wardrobe I find piles of my favorite clothes I’ve grown out of; I stack them in a bag to give them away someday, I still haven’t!

10. I often store important items in a “safe” place and can never remember it at the time I need them the most!

11. I used to hate it when mom nagged me on my room being unkempt, I now repeat the exact same words to MDH and he hates it!

12. I was extremely fussy about my eating habits and mom hoped it would change when I would have to cook for myself; it has now worsened since I get to decide what to cook and how to cook

13. Cooking and driving are now my stress relievers though I’m thankful I do not need them everyday

14. I miss the public transport system miserably (even though I have my own car). To realize the importance of public transport, try staying in Mumbai and London and then shift to Dubai; it feels like someone chopped off your legs!

15. Offices in Dubai commence at 7.30 -8.00 a.m – that’s too early for me 🙁

16. I’ve become an avid movie viewer but old habits die hard and I still have to read the review before I go for one.

17. My family thought I will not be able to manage cooking for even one person(considering I never cooked at home!), now I do it with ease for 15-20 people single-handedly

18. They tell me that the first scratch on your car hurts the most , but every scratch on my car small or big still hurts equally

19. I don’t mind the shopping, it’s the part of making place for the new things that irritates me the most

20. I hate staying alone, I dread the days when MDH goes off on his business trips!

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