This Day…

This day reminds us that some wounds will never heal, justice will continue to be denied and we will be forced to our routine lives and be nonchalant towards that night’s happenings. Unfortunately the memories still continue to haunt. To all those brave martyrs – a big salute. A reminder to be thankful for our… Continue reading »


Another one to the list…

Another incident that will join the millions awaiting justice Another attack where the attackers will never be found Another attack to be forgotten Another story for the media to scan, analyze and televise for a scoop or breaking news Yeah, too small a thing to focus on. We have much more bigger issues such as… Continue reading »


In Memory of My Mumbai – My Beloved Bombay

This blog was quiet on the one day when every other blog was not. Though the first thing that I wanted to do was write – I refrained. It causes me too much pain – to revisit the blood bath of those 3 days, recall the nightmare through the eyes of those who survived and… Continue reading »


Godhra Massacre

Three years post the Godhra Massacre, the scars are still alive.One of my very good friends has written a very nice post after seeing a documentary “Final Solution” on these riots that were the worst ever to hit the country post-independance.Read it here. p.s: He watches a lot of films and documentaries and writes very… Continue reading »


Terror Strikes London City

Innocents suffer!! As always… We Indians have been going through it for 15 years now.USA was hit in 2001, Innocents in Iraq suffered the consequences of the war and now London.What is next on agenda? Another war? Who loses lives? Innocent civilians who want nothing but to lead peaceful lives . They are always targetted… Continue reading »