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This is a page dedicated to the love I picked up after I got married. I have been a blessed soul – my mumma is the best cook in the world and it is not a biased opinion. My aunt makes the world’s best snack items, and my granny was a master chef in non-veg cooking. Add to it that most of my aunts have their specialities; so as a kid I was royally pampered with amazing food.

I got married to a complete foodie – MDH loves to eat. There is a very good reason behind this love of his – his mom. My MIL is a fantastic cook especially when it comes to her Goan Specialities and sea-food.

After marriage I moved to Dubai and got to know a wonderful lady next door. She teamed up as my sister, friend,guide,mentor – my first family in the desertland. It is from her that I learnt how to love cooking. Her simple dishes, her quick recipes – she encouraged me to cook more often and for this I’ll be indebted to her for the rest of my life. We landed up sharing almost everything we cooked at home. No formal dinners/invites were needed. If a dish was made it was just transferred next door. She is the lady with the Midas touch – anything she cooks has to be delicious.

I joined work and met these 3 awesome gals – my soul sisters, who happened to be terriffic cooks as well. Our parties are at home with homemade food – we rarely go out to eat. Office was meant to carry the new dishes we tried at home and each day involved sharing quick and extravagant recipes to address the occasion.

I’ve learnt my cooking from all these gems I’ve been blessed with in my life. I will share them through this page on my site cause I feel there is an amazing joy in cooking and seeing your loved ones enjoy what you cook.


I learnt to love cooking due to MDH being a foodie. He loves anything I cook and is an honest critic. Sango is his nickname since our college days. His office friends love the tiffin he gets and one of his friend’s suggested this name over breakfast dicussions. We loved it and so we present to you all the dishes we cook and eat from Sango’s Kitchen. Try them out and let me know.


  1. @Archana: Yes the target is by next weekend to get maximum recipes up!
    Promise. I’m not a great at veggie stuff but manage some simple quick dishes and snacks just fine:-) Will update soon!

  2. Archana

    How about some recipes?? (Vegetarian please 🙂 )I know! I know! you and amit do not particularly enjoy veg food but please for some ppl like me, post some recipes soon in this section!

  3. hmmm…all d best to u…btw since this is MDH’s culinary page, hav u tried getting sponsorship from MDH (MDH masale sach sach) for this column?

  4. @Dips: Thank you madam! And what about the great stuff you make ;-))

  5. Deepali Verghese

    I completely vouch for her culinary skills and also give her credit for teaching me some amazing receipes of chicken curry, green prawns and offcouse the dori fish sandwhich to name a few and offcouse the vada pav simply fantastic

  6. @Maneesh: Dunno will discover if the audience exists as I update my cooking adventures:-))

  7. errr…what’s this stuff doing over here? quite incongruous! Geez, don’t tell me there’s an audience of Sango’s kitchen as well !!!
    :)) :)) just jokin

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